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Add new Mahara 1.5 feature of owner retaining group file access

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......@@ -331,6 +331,7 @@ Creating, editing and sharing a group page is very similar to :ref:`creating <cr
.. index::
single: Group; Files
single: New in Mahara 1.5; Group file quota
single: New in Mahara 1.5; Owners retains access to their uploaded files in a group
......@@ -354,3 +355,6 @@ When you have the permission to upload a file, you can also determine additional
* **View**: You can see the file in the group files area and add it to a page.
* **Edit**: You can edit the file name, description, tags and permissions.
* **Publish**: You can include a group file in your personal portfolio pages.
.. note::
|new15| The owner of / group member uploading a file retains access to the file even if other group members are not able to use the file.
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