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admin/groups: Add "Archived submissions" feature

New feature in Mahara 1.10 (Bug #133567) that
allows for the archiving of submitted portfolios.
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......@@ -132,6 +132,61 @@ Group categories help you to filter your groups more easily on the *My groups* a
.. note::
Group categories are not hierarchical and are available to everybody on the site. Any user who can create groups can assign a group category when the feature has been enabled.
.. index::
pair: Group; Archived submissions
single: New in Mahara 1.10; Archived submissions
|new in Mahara 1.10| Archived submissions
*Administration → Groups → Archived submissions*
**This feature is experimental.**
When group administrators or tutors release portfolios in groups that allow the archiving of submitted pages, these submissions will be displayed here so you can download them easily. They are also placed on the server in a central location for bulk download directly from the server.
.. seealso::
This feature requires that `cron <>`_ runs.
.. figure:: /images/administration/archived_submissions.*
:alt: Review archived submissions
Review archived submissions
#. **User search**: Type the user's name if you only want to see results for a particular user in the queue.
#. **Institution**: Select the institution if you only want to see the queued portfolios for a particular institution. If you are an institution administrator for only one institution, you only see results for your institution.
#. Click the *Go* button to initiate the filtering.
#. **Submitted to**: This column shows the group to which a particular page or collection was submitted to. You can click the group name in order to go to it directly. If the group was deleted, the submission is still available, but the group name is not linked anymore. It has its deletion date displayed.
#. **ID**: The ID of the archive file on the server for easy access when you download the data as CSV file.
#. The profile picture of the user is displayed.
#. **First name**: Displays the first name of the user. This is the default column for sorting results.
.. note::
Click on the other headings of the table that are links to sort the table differently.
#. **Last name**: Displays the last name of the user.
#. **Display name**: Shows the display name of the user.
#. **Username**: Clicking on the username, you are taken to the user's administration settings page instead of their profile page as you would with the other names.
#. **Leap2A file**: Brief description of what has been archived.
#. **Archived on**: Date and time when the archive was made.
#. Click the *Export all data in CSV format* link to download data about the archived submissions. The CSV file contains the following information:
* Username
* First name
* Last name
* Display name
* Email address
* Group name to which the portfolio was submitted
* ID
* Title of the submitted portfolio
* Path on disk where the archive is stored
.. note::
All submissions are stored in the "submissions" folder in your Mahara data directory on the server. Then, each user has a subdirectory and therein are all submissions of this user.
* File name
* Time when the archive was made
.. index::
pair: Group; Group bulk creation and update
single: Add groups by CSV
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