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......@@ -269,6 +269,29 @@ A moderator or administrator can always edit or delete a single forum post, a to
.. warning::
Once a forum post, topic or forum is deleted, this action cannot be reversed and the content is gone forever.
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pair: Forum; Bulk actions
Forum bulk actions
Group administrators and forum moderators can perform bulk actions on forums in a group.
.. figure:: /images/group/forum_bulk_actions.*
:alt: Forum bulk actions
Forum bulk actions
#. Select the topics for which you want to perform the same action.
#. Choose the action that you wish to perform from the drop-down menu. You can set all selected topics to
* sticky: They will sit on top of all other forum topics.
* unsticky: They will be placed into the correct chronological order.
* close: Only the group administrator and forum moderator can add posts to these topics.
* open: Everyone can post to these topics again.
#. Click the *Update all selected topics* button to save your changes.
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pair: Group; Pages
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