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......@@ -453,6 +453,15 @@ All other fields are optional. This is the full list of fields that you can add
* **maildisabled** - Selection to disable the email address
* **remoteuser** - Remote username for external authentication
Your CSV file could look for example like the following:
| ``username,email,firstname,lastname,studentid,preferredname,remoteuser, password``
| ``"percy","","Percy","Pearle","","","percy.pearle","mahara1"``
| ``"petra","","Petra","Petterson","","","petra.petterson","mahara1"``
| ``"polly","","Polly","Potter","","","polly.potter","mahara1"``
| ``"admin","","Admin","User","","","","mahara1"``
| ``"jamesj","","James","Jetts","","","","mahara1"``
When you have created your CSV file, you are ready to upload it.
.. figure:: /images/site_admin/add_users_csv.*
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