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<!-- custom targets
This file is included in build.xml whe exported from Eclipse
Project tag does not need name/basedir/default attributes
To customise:
- Create a set of custom image files in a parallel directory structure to ./res
and change 'res_sol' below to the directory name. Change filenames to be copied below as required.
- Check changes in text below, and add your own.
- In Eclipse do File->Export, Ant buildfiles, select project name, Finish.
This will create a build.xml file which will do an include on this one (because of the PI on the top line above)
- Do ant custom to run the customisations
- To build apk - in Eclipse do Project->Clean, then Run->Run As->Android application (this builds Release version of apk)
<project >
......@@ -9,12 +16,9 @@ ref:
<property name="CUST_DIR" value="./res_sol"/>
<property name="RES_DIR" value="./res"/>
<target depends="init,copyicons,editstrings" description="All customisation" name="custom" >
<target depends="init,copyicons,editstrings,editwindowtitle" description="All customisation" name="custom" >
<echo message="Doing custom tasks"/>
<target depends="init" description="copy icons" name="copyicons">
......@@ -77,6 +81,7 @@ ref:
<target depends="init" description="edit custom strings" name="editstrings">
<!-- this makes a copy of the original file in the std dir
If run a second time - it will not overwrite the saved file, and will not make changes
......@@ -130,13 +135,8 @@ ref:
<!-- to build apk - in eclipse do clean, then Run->Run As ->Android application (this builds Release verion of apk) -->
<!-- see above for build information -->
<target depends="init" description="copy apk" name="copyapk">
<echo message="copying apk"/>
<echo message="now copy ./bin/ArtefactExpandableListAdapterActivity.apk to server"/>
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