1. 07 Feb, 2017 2 commits
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      Uploading privacy policy · fe6876e3
      Aaron Wells authored
      This privacy policy was cribbed from the privacy policy for Mahara Mobile
      (the replacement app). The same privacy statement is true here, though.
      The app itself communicates no information to any servers except whichever
      Mahara server the user configures it to, and it only sends information to that
      configured server when the user selects information to be sent.
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      Fixed a few bugs an added some flashing lights (no really ;). · 0c1048db
      Alan McNatty authored
      The 2nd last commit with UI changes for help/introduction changes moved about some of the list-adapter set-up which didn't work to well adjusting to changes in the list. These are now fixed.
      There is still issues in th ArtefactSettingsActivity when thumbnails are added. The UI does not adjust tofit them it properly.
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  15. 19 Jun, 2012 3 commits
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      Added map for notification types and set these in preferences and added to API. · 3109a301
      Alan McNatty authored
      Still remains issue of server time - I believe solution will be to get the server to respond with it's time which can be recorded as last sync time. The device time is not relevant.
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      Changed default to be 15 minutes. · c5159eb8
      Alan McNatty authored
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      Fixed a sync bug - the notifications needed a count not trim to see if any... · 6c599376
      Alan McNatty authored
      Fixed a sync bug - the notifications needed a count not trim to see if any existed. That bug must have been around for a bit.
      Also added a couple ot Util methods to perform account stuff getAccount and deleteAccount. We now also delete the old account if any authentication details have changed. Also the sync process has some new logging and the order (if not noticed from last commit) has reverted back to sync then upload - I found a bug with the token changing midway through a bunch of uploads (may need to check how frequently the pref value is checked if a sync happens mid upload).
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