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[mahara-dev] Meeting of 25th April 2012

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<title>#mahara-dev Meeting</title>
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<h1>#mahara-dev Meeting</h1>
<span class="details">
Meeting started by dobedobedoh at 20:02:47 UTC
(<a href="mahara-dev.2012-04-25-20.02.log.html">full logs</a>).</span>
<h3>Meeting summary</h3>
<ol type="a">
<li><span class="INFO">Andrew Nicols, Lancaster University, UK</span>
<span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">Francois Marier</span> <span
<li><span class="INFO">anzeljg is Gregor Anzelj, translator and
developer from Ljubljana, Slovenia</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">Ruslan Kabalin, Lancaster University, UK</span>
<span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">Richard Mansfield, Catalyst IT,
Wellington</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">Kristina Hoeppner, Catalyst IT,
Wellington</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">Hugh Davenport, Catalyst IT, Wellington</span>
<span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">Dominique-Alain JAN french translator -
Lausanne Switzerland</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><b class="TOPIC">Items from last meeting</b> <span class="details">(<a href='mahara-dev.2012-04-25-20.02.log.html#l-17'>dobedobedoh</a>, 20:04:39)</span>
<ol type="a">
<li><span class="INFO">The minutes from the last meeting are available
<span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">fmarier completed his two action items during
the last meeting. Check the minutes of that meeting for
details</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">anzeljg has joined the slovenian team on
launchpad so that we could make it the owner of the mahara
translation</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">CIA stays in #mahara-commits and has not made
it to #mahara-dev</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><b class="TOPIC">Roadmap for Mahara 1.6 (dajan)</b> <span class="details">(<a href='mahara-dev.2012-04-25-20.02.log.html#l-33'>dobedobedoh</a>, 20:08:02)</span>
<ol type="a">
<li><span class="INFO">The roadmap on the wiki is vastly out of
date</span> <span class="details">(<a
<span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">iarenaza Iñaki Arenaza, Mondragon
Unibertsitatea, Spain</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">Specs in Development are on the wiki at</span>
<span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">blueprints for mahara started at</span> <span
<li><i class="itemtype">IDEA</i>: <span class="IDEA">Those who have
made a suggestion which is on the blueprints page should add more
detail to save elky doing all of the work</span> <span
<li><i class="itemtype">AGREED</i>: <span class="AGREED">The Roadmap
page should link to the blueprints page</span> <span
<li><i class="itemtype">ACTION</i>: <span class="ACTION">anitsirk to
update the roadmap</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><b class="TOPIC">Laurent Opprecht's "Notes" plugin (University of Geneva) as a way to improve the actual "Notes" block in Mahara (dajan)</b> <span class="details">(<a href='mahara-dev.2012-04-25-20.02.log.html#l-113'>dobedobedoh</a>, 20:21:58)</span>
<ol type="a">
<li><span class="INFO">Luarent Opprecht (University of Geneva) has
developed a Notes artefact for Mahara which separates content
creation from display</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><i class="itemtype">IDEA</i>: <span class="IDEA">Look at
integrating missing features from Laurent's Note plugin into
Mahara</span> <span class="details">(<a
is where we discussed it. <span class="details">(<a
<li><i class="itemtype">ACTION</i>: <span class="ACTION">dajan to
raise appropriate issues in the tracker</span> <span
<li><b class="TOPIC">Laurent Opprecht's "Extresource" plugin with OEmbed protocol to improve the way of embedding "things"in Mahara (dajan)</b> <span class="details">(<a href='mahara-dev.2012-04-25-20.02.log.html#l-161'>dobedobedoh</a>, 20:34:35)</span>
<ol type="a">
- blueprint already exists :-) <span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">Laurent to submit Extresource to core</span>
<span class="details">(<a
<li><i class="itemtype">IDEA</i>: <span class="IDEA">It would be nice
if some of the plugins being 'replaced' in this sense would provide
upgrade paths if appropriate</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><b class="TOPIC">Repository Plugins (anzeljg)</b> <span class="details">(<a href='mahara-dev.2012-04-25-20.02.log.html#l-194'>dobedobedoh</a>, 20:43:27)</span>
<ol type="a">
<li><span class="INFO">anzeljg has written a proof of concept for a
repository system for mahara</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">demo available at</span> <span
<li><span class="INFO">suggestions/ideas on how to finalise it would
be appreciated</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><i class="itemtype">ACTION</i>: <span class="ACTION">anzeljg To
put together a quick wiki page with some information (possibly code
too)</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><b class="TOPIC">Update on Skins work (anzeljg)</b> <span class="details">(<a href='mahara-dev.2012-04-25-20.02.log.html#l-271'>dobedobedoh</a>, 21:00:07)</span>
<ol type="a">
<li><span class="INFO">anzeljg is adding 'life preview' support to
skins to give users a preview of their changes</span> <span
<li><span class="INFO">screencast available at</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><b class="TOPIC">Demo site (anitsirk)</b> <span class="details">(<a href='mahara-dev.2012-04-25-20.02.log.html#l-311'>dobedobedoh</a>, 21:16:42)</span>
<ol type="a">
<li><span class="INFO"> showcases mahara 1.5
now</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><b class="TOPIC">Upcoming Mahara Events:</b> <span class="details">(<a href='mahara-dev.2012-04-25-20.02.log.html#l-318'>dobedobedoh</a>, 21:17:56)</span>
<ol type="a">
<li><span class="INFO">First Maharamoot francophone in Nîmes, May
20-22nd. Spread the word around you (dajan)</span> <span
<li><span class="INFO">MaharaUK 2012 3rd July 2012 in Lancaster
(dobedobedoh)</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">mahoodlemoot at Purchase College (NY) in
July</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">dajan will be one of our keynote speakers at
maharauk2012 :)</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">yesterday's MUG saw showcasing of student
portfolios</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">next MUG dates to be announced when
available</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><b class="TOPIC">Next meeting and Chair</b> <span class="details">(<a href='mahara-dev.2012-04-25-20.02.log.html#l-338'>dobedobedoh</a>, 21:22:05)</span>
<ol type="a">
<span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">website for french maharamoot is</span> <span class="details">(<a
<span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">elky to chair the next developer meeting at
07:30 UTC on 23rd May 2012</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><b class="TOPIC">Any other business</b> <span class="details">(<a href='mahara-dev.2012-04-25-20.02.log.html#l-383'>dobedobedoh</a>, 21:32:19)</span>
<ol type="a">
<li><span class="INFO">Mahara 1.5 is now out</span> <span
<li><span class="INFO">Mahara has a security bug bounty program</span>
<span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">Thanks to Richard Wyles for putting up security
bounties</span> <span class="details">(<a
<span class="details">
Meeting ended at 21:39:06 UTC
(<a href="mahara-dev.2012-04-25-20.02.log.html">full logs</a>).</span>
<h3>Action items</h3>
<li>anitsirk to update the roadmap</li>
<li>dajan to raise appropriate issues in the tracker</li>
<li>anzeljg To put together a quick wiki page with some information (possibly code too)</li>
<h3>Action items, by person</h3>
<li> anitsirk <ol>
<li>anitsirk to update the roadmap</li>
<li> anzeljg <ol>
<li>anzeljg To put together a quick wiki page with some information (possibly code too)</li>
<li> dajan <ol>
<li>dajan to raise appropriate issues in the tracker</li>
<h3>People present (lines said)</h3>
<li>dobedobedoh (154)</li>
<li>anitsirk (68)</li>
<li>anzeljg (59)</li>
<li>dajan (56)</li>
<li>richardm (17)</li>
<li>iarenaza (14)</li>
<li>_anzeljg_ (13)</li>
<li>fmarier (12)</li>
<li>rkabalin_ (7)</li>
<li>hughdavenport` (5)</li>
<li>maharameet (4)</li>
<li>elky (4)</li>
<li>lamiette (1)</li>
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<title>#mahara-dev log</title>
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<pre><a name="l-1"></a><span class="tm">20:02:47</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#startmeeting</span><span class="cmdline"></span>
<a name="l-2"></a><span class="tm">20:02:47</span><span class="nk"> &lt;maharameet&gt;</span> Meeting started Wed Apr 25 20:02:47 2012 UTC. The chair is dobedobedoh. Information about MeetBot at
<a name="l-3"></a><span class="tm">20:02:47</span><span class="nk"> &lt;maharameet&gt;</span> Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
<a name="l-4"></a><span class="tm">20:02:50</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> Welcome to the 16th Mahara Developer Meeting.
<a name="l-5"></a><span class="tm">20:02:52</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> Please introduce yourself with #info &lt;name&gt;[, &lt;organisation&gt;], &lt;location&gt;
<a name="l-6"></a><span class="tm">20:02:54</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">Andrew Nicols, Lancaster University, UK</span>
<a name="l-7"></a><span class="tm">20:03:02</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">Francois Marier</span>
<a name="l-8"></a><span class="tm">20:03:09</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anzeljg&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">anzeljg is Gregor Anzelj, translator and developer from Ljubljana, Slovenia</span>
<a name="l-9"></a><span class="tm">20:03:10</span><span class="nk"> &lt;rkabalin_&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">Ruslan Kabalin, Lancaster University, UK</span>
<a name="l-10"></a><span class="tm">20:03:13</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">Richard Mansfield, Catalyst IT, Wellington</span>
<a name="l-11"></a><span class="tm">20:03:26</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">Kristina Hoeppner, Catalyst IT, Wellington</span>
<a name="l-12"></a><span class="tm">20:03:33</span><span class="nk"> &lt;hughdavenport`&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">Hugh Davenport, Catalyst IT, Wellington</span>
<a name="l-13"></a><span class="tm">20:03:39</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="hi">fmarier:</span> awesome. the bay area at this time of the year is great.
<a name="l-14"></a><span class="tm">20:04:24 </span><span class="nka">* dobedobedoh</span> <span class="ac">prods dajan ;)</span>
<a name="l-15"></a><span class="tm">20:04:25</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dajan&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">Dominique-Alain JAN french translator - Lausanne Switzerland</span>
<a name="l-16"></a><span class="tm">20:04:36</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> I think that's everyone so far
<a name="l-17"></a><span class="tm">20:04:39</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="topic">#topic </span><span class="topicline">Items from last meeting</span>
<a name="l-18"></a><span class="tm">20:04:41</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">The minutes from the last meeting are available at</span>
<a name="l-19"></a><span class="tm">20:04:50</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">fmarier completed his two action items during the last meeting. Check the minutes of that meeting for details</span>
<a name="l-20"></a><span class="tm">20:04:59</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">anzeljg has joined the slovenian team on launchpad so that we could make it the owner of the mahara translation</span>
<a name="l-21"></a><span class="tm">20:05:10</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anzeljg&gt;</span> done some minutes after the meeting
<a name="l-22"></a><span class="tm">20:05:26</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> Was there anything else from the previous meeting that should have been in the Actions that should be discussed here?
<a name="l-23"></a><span class="tm">20:05:43</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="hi">anzeljg:</span> yep. it is just to confirm that these things were already long done due to you and fmarier being so quick. :-)
<a name="l-24"></a><span class="tm">20:06:04</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anzeljg&gt;</span> ;)
<a name="l-25"></a><span class="tm">20:06:07</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> :)
<a name="l-26"></a><span class="tm">20:06:12</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> In which case, we shall press on.
<a name="l-27"></a><span class="tm">20:06:16</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="hi">dobedobedoh:</span> not that i can think of. though i think we kept CIA in mahara-commits
<a name="l-28"></a><span class="tm">20:06:33</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> We've got 9 further items on the agenda. I have adjusted the order slightly
<a name="l-29"></a><span class="tm">20:06:55</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">CIA stays in #mahara-commits and has not made it to #mahara-dev</span>
<a name="l-30"></a><span class="tm">20:07:19</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> If anyone has any objections to that decision, then can they raise them in AOB...
<a name="l-31"></a><span class="tm">20:07:49</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> As a quick reminder from previous meetings, if you are writing multiple lines
<a name="l-32"></a><span class="tm">20:07:59</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> Then can you signify when you finish by ending in ...
<a name="l-33"></a><span class="tm">20:08:02</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="topic">#topic </span><span class="topicline">Roadmap for Mahara 1.6 (dajan)</span>
<a name="l-34"></a><span class="tm">20:08:11</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> Over to you dajan
<a name="l-35"></a><span class="tm">20:08:57</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dajan&gt;</span> Yes. I was on the wiki last day and I noticed that the roadmap was for 1.3 and 1.4. Now 1.5 is out, maybe it is time to rewrite the wiki to give users and institutions a clear view of what is coming next.
<a name="l-36"></a><span class="tm">20:09:40</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">The roadmap on the wiki is vastly out of date</span>
<a name="l-37"></a><span class="tm">20:09:43</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dajan&gt;</span> So for you and the community to decide/discuss what feature to work on for 1.6.
<a name="l-38"></a><span class="tm">20:09:54</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#link </span><span class="cmdline"></span>
<a name="l-39"></a><span class="tm">20:10:12</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> we haven't updated the wiki pages as there is not really a roadmap. things get into mahara when there is either funding for new features or we fix things as far as i see it
<a name="l-40"></a><span class="tm">20:10:34</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> as funding is not necessarily confirmed at the beginning of a release, drawing up a full roadmap would be tricky.
<a name="l-41"></a><span class="tm">20:10:36</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> I think that it would be great to have some guidance from Catalyst here. There are features lined up and waiting to go in (we're discussing some of those later)
<a name="l-42"></a><span class="tm">20:10:41</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> last time anitsirk and I talked about it, we came to the conclusion that a roadmap doesn't make sense for Mahara given that nobody is really driving the new features in the project
<a name="l-43"></a><span class="tm">20:11:12</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dajan&gt;</span> So maybe the time has come to delete the page. It is not a good marketing to have outdated pages for a roadmap. What do you think?
<a name="l-44"></a><span class="tm">20:11:29</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> Catalyst is funding the maintenance of the project (and that's quite a lot of work) but contributors and funders are the ones who drive new feature development when it comes down to it
<a name="l-45"></a><span class="tm">20:11:56</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> <span class="hi">dajan:</span> that's a fair comment and not a bad idea
<a name="l-46"></a><span class="tm">20:12:04</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> +1
<a name="l-47"></a><span class="tm">20:12:06</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> i don't really see the purpose of that page anymore
<a name="l-48"></a><span class="tm">20:12:10</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> hi iarenaza
<a name="l-49"></a><span class="tm">20:12:13</span><span class="nk"> &lt;hughdavenport`&gt;</span> i would agree
<a name="l-50"></a><span class="tm">20:12:17</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> melissa has also created some launchpad blueprints for some of the new proposed features
<a name="l-51"></a><span class="tm">20:12:23</span><span class="nk"> &lt;iarenaza&gt;</span> hi
<a name="l-52"></a><span class="tm">20:12:25</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> and we can put milestones against those
<a name="l-53"></a><span class="tm">20:12:32</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> I think that it is important to have some kind of idea as to what's coming up in future releases
<a name="l-54"></a><span class="tm">20:12:37</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> even if they are pie-in-the-sky
<a name="l-55"></a><span class="tm">20:12:46</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> i think the blueprints and the associated pages under "Specifications in development" are better than the roadmap
<a name="l-56"></a><span class="tm">20:12:54</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> i agree
<a name="l-57"></a><span class="tm">20:12:59</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anzeljg&gt;</span> +1
<a name="l-58"></a><span class="tm">20:13:11</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> <span class="hi">dobedobedoh:</span> but if you publish something that people want, they'll be disappointed if it's not in the next release
<a name="l-59"></a><span class="tm">20:13:16</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anzeljg&gt;</span> hi iarenaza
<a name="l-60"></a><span class="tm">20:13:18</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="hi">dobedobedoh:</span> i don't agree because that might raise expectations too high, e.g. skins etc.
<a name="l-61"></a><span class="tm">20:13:30</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dajan&gt;</span> I agree, that if we already know what new features will be in .1.6, to communicate about this. Public is sensitive to such message.
<a name="l-62"></a><span class="tm">20:13:39</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="hi">fmarier:</span> true, but there should be a single source of information for people to find out what's in the pipeline
<a name="l-63"></a><span class="tm">20:13:45</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> even if it doesn't have specific targets against it
<a name="l-64"></a><span class="tm">20:13:54</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> and it may help to get some of those features funded into core
<a name="l-65"></a><span class="tm">20:14:03</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> but isn't that "specifications in development"?
<a name="l-66"></a><span class="tm">20:14:06</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> i personally like the milestone/blueprint idea
<a name="l-67"></a><span class="tm">20:14:13</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> well probably
<a name="l-68"></a><span class="tm">20:14:16</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> there we have a bunch of things listed and move them to "completed" once done.
<a name="l-69"></a><span class="tm">20:14:21</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> <span class="hi">anitsirk:</span> spec in dev doesn't really show what's being worked on
<a name="l-70"></a><span class="tm">20:14:34</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> there's a lot of things on there that were proposed but will never get done
<a name="l-71"></a><span class="tm">20:14:37</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> (and that's ok)
<a name="l-72"></a><span class="tm">20:14:40</span><span class="nk"> &lt;rkabalin_&gt;</span> then roadmap page can probably contain the link to blueprints
<a name="l-73"></a><span class="tm">20:14:42</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dajan&gt;</span> We could say aside of some interesting features to come : Need funding. This will maybe raise the interest of some people with money
<a name="l-74"></a><span class="tm">20:14:52</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> that's where the blueprints can help because there we can change the status
<a name="l-75"></a><span class="tm">20:14:57</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> Perhaps it would be helpful to also include links to launchpad searches showing what's happening/happened recently
<a name="l-76"></a><span class="tm">20:15:02</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> or for a specific version
<a name="l-77"></a><span class="tm">20:15:04</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> ...
<a name="l-78"></a><span class="tm">20:15:08</span><span class="nk"> &lt;iarenaza&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">iarenaza Iñaki Arenaza, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Spain</span>
<a name="l-79"></a><span class="tm">20:15:21</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> Hi iarenaza
<a name="l-80"></a><span class="tm">20:15:25</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">blueprints for mahara started at</span>
<a name="l-81"></a><span class="tm">20:15:36</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> oops. sorry. wrong link
<a name="l-82"></a><span class="tm">20:15:45</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> could you try to undo this please, dobedobedoh ?
<a name="l-83"></a><span class="tm">20:15:49</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#undo</span><span class="cmdline"></span>
<a name="l-84"></a><span class="tm">20:15:49</span><span class="nk"> &lt;maharameet&gt;</span> Removing item from minutes: &lt;MeetBot.items.Info object at 0x99318ec&gt;
<a name="l-85"></a><span class="tm">20:15:59</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">Specs in Development are on the wiki at</span>
<a name="l-86"></a><span class="tm">20:16:18</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">blueprints for mahara started at</span>
<a name="l-87"></a><span class="tm">20:16:23</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> thanks dobedobedoh
<a name="l-88"></a><span class="tm">20:16:42</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dajan&gt;</span> Thanks. This is interesting and should replace the roadmap page. My opinion.
<a name="l-89"></a><span class="tm">20:16:42</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> Perhaps the existing roadmap page should link to the relevant pages then?
<a name="l-90"></a><span class="tm">20:17:13</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> and on the blueprints we can change the status and see what is going on.
<a name="l-91"></a><span class="tm">20:17:15</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> +1
<a name="l-92"></a><span class="tm">20:17:21</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anzeljg&gt;</span> +1
<a name="l-93"></a><span class="tm">20:17:42</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dajan&gt;</span> +1
<a name="l-94"></a><span class="tm">20:17:45</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#idea </span><span class="cmdline">Those who have made a suggestion which is on the blueprints page should add more detail to save elky doing all of the work</span>
<a name="l-95"></a><span class="tm">20:17:48</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> Any objections?
<a name="l-96"></a><span class="tm">20:18:01</span><span class="nk"> &lt;hughdavenport`&gt;</span> sounds good
<a name="l-97"></a><span class="tm">20:18:04</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> nope
<a name="l-98"></a><span class="tm">20:18:05</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dajan&gt;</span> ok
<a name="l-99"></a><span class="tm">20:18:11</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#agreed </span><span class="cmdline">The Roadmap page should link to the blueprints page</span>
<a name="l-100"></a><span class="tm">20:18:11</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anzeljg&gt;</span> agree
<a name="l-101"></a><span class="tm">20:18:17</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> Would anyone like to take on the task?
<a name="l-102"></a><span class="tm">20:18:24</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> i'll do it
<a name="l-103"></a><span class="tm">20:18:46</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> i already put a link to the manual on hopefully all user guide pages on the wiki. so i have the initial code. ;-)
<a name="l-104"></a><span class="tm">20:18:49</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">anitsirk to update the roadmap</span>
<a name="l-105"></a><span class="tm">20:18:56</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#undo</span><span class="cmdline"></span>
<a name="l-106"></a><span class="tm">20:18:56</span><span class="nk"> &lt;maharameet&gt;</span> Removing item from minutes: &lt;MeetBot.items.Info object at 0x992c6cc&gt;
<a name="l-107"></a><span class="tm">20:19:05</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#action </span><span class="cmdline">anitsirk to update the roadmap</span>
<a name="l-108"></a><span class="tm">20:19:25</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> Is there anything else to discuss on the roadmap..?
<a name="l-109"></a><span class="tm">20:19:31</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dajan&gt;</span> nope
<a name="l-110"></a><span class="tm">20:19:57</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> related to the roadmap, how will things work for those trying to get features in?
<a name="l-111"></a><span class="tm">20:20:08</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> If things are primarily driven by funding at the moment?
<a name="l-112"></a><span class="tm">20:21:53</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> Okay... I'll move onto the next topic for the moment
<a name="l-113"></a><span class="tm">20:21:58</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="topic">#topic </span><span class="topicline">Laurent Opprecht's "Notes" plugin (University of Geneva) as a way to improve the actual "Notes" block in Mahara (dajan)</span>
<a name="l-114"></a><span class="tm">20:22:02</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="hi">dobedobedoh:</span> by funding i mean for example: somebody wants to funds / develops a feature that should go into core -&gt; it is developed -&gt; goes into review. more experienced reviewers (not just catalyst) would help because then things don't get stuck in the queue
<a name="l-115"></a><span class="tm">20:22:22</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> oh my "wants to fund / develop"
<a name="l-116"></a><span class="tm">20:22:45</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> okay. Thanks for clarifying :)
<a name="l-117"></a><span class="tm">20:23:09</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> ideally, the funding also includes time for going through the review system. ;-)
<a name="l-118"></a><span class="tm">20:23:19</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> heh qutie
<a name="l-119"></a><span class="tm">20:23:39</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> it's like testing that needs to be done.
<a name="l-120"></a><span class="tm">20:24:34</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dajan&gt;</span> did we change the topic?
<a name="l-121"></a><span class="tm">20:24:37</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> we did :)
<a name="l-122"></a><span class="tm">20:24:40</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dajan&gt;</span> Ok
<a name="l-123"></a><span class="tm">20:24:47</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dajan&gt;</span> Laurent Opprecht from University of Geneva is really doing interesting things around Mahara and he has already developped some plugins for Mahara.
<a name="l-124"></a><span class="tm">20:24:55</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dajan&gt;</span> I spoke to him and the whole Geneva team weeks agon
<a name="l-125"></a><span class="tm">20:24:55</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> (but we carried on talking about the old one for a moment)
<a name="l-126"></a><span class="tm">20:24:59</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dajan&gt;</span> sorry ago
<a name="l-127"></a><span class="tm">20:25:32</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dajan&gt;</span> Before 1.5 he developped and interesting alternative to the Mahara blocktype Note (his plugin is available on the wiki on my request)
<a name="l-128"></a><span class="tm">20:25:41</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dajan&gt;</span> In 1.5 we can re-use Notes blocks in other pages. But we can't create notes from the "Content" section of Mahara. Laurent's plugin does that. It separates the collection/creation process (in Content) from the diplay process (in Pages).
<a name="l-129"></a><span class="tm">20:26:53</span><span class="nk"> &lt;lamiette&gt;</span> hi everyone, sorry to interupt and sorry I'm late :)
<a name="l-130"></a><span class="tm">20:27:16</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="hi">dajan:</span> i think a combination of the current functionality (1.5) and laurent's idea might be good. i like being able to create notes directly on a page. users sometimes complain that they can't do that for journals, for example. oursourcing it to just the content would be a step back. but i agree that it would be good to be able to create a note under "Content" as well as with files
<a name="l-131"></a><span class="tm">20:27:43</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dajan&gt;</span> I think that his way is better than what we can do with 1.5 and the Note block type. It is less confusing for users and separate the task of creating things from the one of presenting them.
<a name="l-132"></a><span class="tm">20:28:04</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> <span class="hi">dajan:</span> Is creation under content the only extra feature? would it be easier for us to just add a new create note button to 1.5?
<a name="l-133"></a><span class="tm">20:28:28</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dajan&gt;</span> Yes I agree with you Kristina. But it is a bit confusing to create a new page to add a note for a future use. Isn't it?
<a name="l-134"></a><span class="tm">20:28:28</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">Luarent Opprecht (University of Geneva) has developed a Notes artefact for Mahara which separates content creation from display</span>
<a name="l-135"></a><span class="tm">20:29:01</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> but we already mix that with the upload of files from the page. i think being able to do that in both places and collect them all under content would be nice. furthermore, we still need the possibility to copy notes as is possible in 1.5.
<a name="l-136"></a><span class="tm">20:29:11</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dajan&gt;</span> yes richardm, it is the only thing I saw that make it different. But interesting.
<a name="l-137"></a><span class="tm">20:29:43</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="hi">dajan:</span> so far notes were text boxes and created for immediate use. having the "create note" feature on the content tab would be good for the future use.
<a name="l-138"></a><span class="tm">20:29:43</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dajan&gt;</span> It is possible to copy and edit note in Laurent's plugin as in 1.5
<a name="l-139"></a><span class="tm">20:29:55</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> cool.
<a name="l-140"></a><span class="tm">20:30:16</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dajan&gt;</span> Just have a look and maybe use what you think good to improve Mahara.
<a name="l-141"></a><span class="tm">20:30:18</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> forgot about that.
<a name="l-142"></a><span class="tm">20:30:56</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#idea </span><span class="cmdline">Look at integrating missing features from Laurent's Note plugin into Mahara</span>
<a name="l-143"></a><span class="tm">20:31:02</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> is where we discussed it.
<a name="l-144"></a><span class="tm">20:31:50</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> Perhaps a blueprint task?
<a name="l-145"></a><span class="tm">20:32:12</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> maybe, adding the create note button, and letting "edit note" should be pretty easy though
<a name="l-146"></a><span class="tm">20:32:27</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> er letting "edit note" create notes i mean
<a name="l-147"></a><span class="tm">20:32:53</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> maybe it's more a bug rather than a blueprint