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[mahara-dev] Meeting of 27th March 2012

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<title>#mahara-dev Meeting</title>
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<h1>#mahara-dev Meeting</h1>
<span class="details">
Meeting started by anitsirk at 07:41:27 UTC
(<a href="mahara-dev.2012-03-27-07.41.log.html">full logs</a>).</span>
<h3>Meeting summary</h3>
<ol type="a">
<li><span class="INFO">anitsirk = Kristina Hoeppner, Catalyst IT,
Wellington, NZ</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">anzeljg is Gregor Anzelj, translator and
developer, Ljubljana, Slovenia</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">Andrew Nicols - Lancaster University</span>
<span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">fmarier is Francois Marier</span> <span
<li><span class="INFO">richardm is Richard Mansfield, Catalyst IT,
Wellington, New Zealand</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">Ruslan Kabalin - Lancaster University,
UK</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">elky is melissa draper, Catalyst IT</span>
<span class="details">(<a
<li><b class="TOPIC">Items from last meeting</b> <span class="details">(<a href='mahara-dev.2012-03-27-07.41.log.html#l-13'>anitsirk</a>, 07:42:44)</span>
<ol type="a">
<li><span class="INFO">all action items were related to checking bugs
before freezing mahara 1.5. thus nothing to report.</span> <span
<li><b class="TOPIC">Triggers in Mahara (Richard)</b> <span class="details">(<a href='mahara-dev.2012-03-27-07.41.log.html#l-15'>anitsirk</a>, 07:43:20)</span>
<ol type="a">
<li><span class="INFO">mahara has a function to create db triggers if
needed</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">If a trigger needs to be changed, you drop and
recreate</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">the db_drop_trigger function would need to be
used for that</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><b class="TOPIC">Upstream status of Dwoo (Francois)</b> <span class="details">(<a href='mahara-dev.2012-03-27-07.41.log.html#l-52'>anitsirk</a>, 07:51:56)</span>
<ol type="a">
triggered the topic</span> <span class="details">(<a
<span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">Mjollnir` was looking for a new maintainer for
the dwoo debian package</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><i class="itemtype">HELP</i>: <span class="HELP">: if dwoo is not
going to be maintained much in the future, should we keep using it
or should we look at switching to something else?</span> <span
<li><i class="itemtype">IDEA</i>: <span class="IDEA">we could switch
but that could be expensive to rewrite customizations</span> <span
<li><i class="itemtype">HELP</i>: <span class="HELP">are there any big
templating systems for php or is it just homebrewed things from
various developers?</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><i class="itemtype">IDEA</i>: <span class="IDEA">from rkabalin_ :
I think we should keep Dwoo, as it entirely meets our requirements
at the moment and maintain it as a part of Mahara.</span> <span
<span class="details">(<a
<span class="details">(<a
<li><i class="itemtype">ACTION</i>: <span class="ACTION">fmarier to
create a wishlist bug for twig as templating system</span> <span
<span class="details">(<a
<span class="details">(<a
<span class="details">(<a
<span class="details">(<a
<li><b class="TOPIC">Should CIA commit go on #mahara-dev? (Francois)</b> <span class="details">(<a href='mahara-dev.2012-03-27-07.41.log.html#l-139'>anitsirk</a>, 08:10:44)</span>
<ol type="a">
for background reading on the topic</span> <span class="details">(<a
<span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">#mahara-commits currently has notices whenever
something is merged from gerrit</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><i class="itemtype">AGREED</i>: <span class="AGREED">CIA commits
currently on #mahara-cmmits move to #mahara-dev</span> <span
<li><i class="itemtype">ACTION</i>: <span class="ACTION">fmarier to
move CIA commits from #mahara-commits to #mahara-dev</span> <span
<li><b class="TOPIC">Update on how we give access to new translators (Francois &amp; Richard)</b> <span class="details">(<a href='mahara-dev.2012-03-27-07.41.log.html#l-160'>anitsirk</a>, 08:13:56)</span>
<ol type="a">
<span class="details">(<a
<li><i class="itemtype">IDEA</i>: <span class="IDEA">make the
translation group either open or assign it to the respective
Launchpad Translators group</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><i class="itemtype">IDEA</i>: <span class="IDEA">ideally the
owners of the mahara langpacks should be the teams in this list:
because they are the most active translation groups</span> <span
<li><span class="INFO">in some cases, the mahara translators prefer to
have their own group.</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><i class="itemtype">ACTION</i>: <span class="ACTION">anzeljg joins
the slovenian team on launchpad so that we could make it the owner
of the mahara translation</span> <span class="details">(<a
<span class="details">(<a
<li><i class="itemtype">HELP</i>: <span class="HELP">who would approve
lang strings marked for review in a translation if we assign the
launchpad translators group as the owner of the mahara
translation?</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">anyone from a translation team can approve
strings that need reviewing</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">if a translation maintainer notices that a
translation team has lead to inconsistency and a lower quality of
the translation, then we can always change it back to a
Mahara-specific translation team</span> <span class="details">(<a
<span class="details">(<a
<span class="details">(<a
<span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">the general launchpad russian translator team
is now used for the russian mahara translation</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><i class="itemtype">AGREED</i>: <span class="AGREED">we'll use the
most active launchpad teams for each language unless there's a
reason for using a different one for a given mahara
translation</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><b class="TOPIC">Next meeting and Chair</b> <span class="details">(<a href='mahara-dev.2012-03-27-07.41.log.html#l-299'>anitsirk</a>, 08:52:39)</span>
<ol type="a">
<li><i class="itemtype">IDEA</i>: <span
<span class="details">(<a
<li><i class="itemtype">AGREED</i>: <span class="AGREED">: next
meeting will be on April 24, 2012 at 20:00 UTC;iso=20120424T20</span>
<span class="details">(<a
<li><i class="itemtype">HELP</i>: <span class="HELP">who wants to be
chair?</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><i class="itemtype">AGREED</i>: <span class="AGREED">: dobedobedoh
is going to chair the 16th Mahara Developer Meeting.</span> <span
<li><b class="TOPIC">Any other business</b> <span class="details">(<a href='mahara-dev.2012-03-27-07.41.log.html#l-367'>anitsirk</a>, 09:07:41)</span>
<ol type="a">
<li><span class="INFO">The 5th Newsletter will be out on April 1. I
still take submissions for dev stories, new plugins etc. until the
end of today UTC or tomorrow if I receive a quick message that about
150 words are on its way.</span> <span class="details">(<a
<li><span class="INFO">it's the last mahara dev meeting for fmarier
als catalyst employee</span> <span class="details">(<a
<span class="details">
Meeting ended at 09:22:28 UTC
(<a href="mahara-dev.2012-03-27-07.41.log.html">full logs</a>).</span>
<h3>Action items</h3>
<li>fmarier to create a wishlist bug for twig as templating system</li>
<li>fmarier to move CIA commits from #mahara-commits to #mahara-dev</li>
<li>anzeljg joins the slovenian team on launchpad so that we could make it the owner of the mahara translation</li>
<h3>Action items, by person</h3>
<li> anzeljg <ol>
<li>anzeljg joins the slovenian team on launchpad so that we could make it the owner of the mahara translation</li>
<li> fmarier <ol>
<li>fmarier to create a wishlist bug for twig as templating system</li>
<li>fmarier to move CIA commits from #mahara-commits to #mahara-dev</li>
<h3>People present (lines said)</h3>
<li>anitsirk (114)</li>
<li>fmarier (100)</li>
<li>anzeljg (50)</li>
<li>elky (45)</li>
<li>richardm (35)</li>
<li>rkabalin_ (33)</li>
<li>dobedobedoh (31)</li>
<li>Mjollnir` (16)</li>
<li>maharameet (2)</li>
<li>maharabug (1)</li>
<li>dan_p (1)</li>
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<title>#mahara-dev log</title>
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<pre><a name="l-1"></a><span class="tm">07:41:27</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#startmeeting</span><span class="cmdline"></span>
<a name="l-2"></a><span class="tm">07:41:27</span><span class="nk"> &lt;maharameet&gt;</span> Meeting started Tue Mar 27 07:41:27 2012 UTC. The chair is anitsirk. Information about MeetBot at
<a name="l-3"></a><span class="tm">07:41:27</span><span class="nk"> &lt;maharameet&gt;</span> Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.
<a name="l-4"></a><span class="tm">07:41:29</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> Seems that one of the irc nodes was down and supybot isn't very good at DNS roundrobin failover
<a name="l-5"></a><span class="tm">07:41:35</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> Welcome to the 15th Mahara Developer Meeting. If you could please start a new line with #info and state your name and location please.
<a name="l-6"></a><span class="tm">07:41:49</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">anitsirk = Kristina Hoeppner, Catalyst IT, Wellington, NZ</span>
<a name="l-7"></a><span class="tm">07:41:51</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anzeljg&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">anzeljg is Gregor Anzelj, translator and developer, Ljubljana, Slovenia</span>
<a name="l-8"></a><span class="tm">07:41:52</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">Andrew Nicols - Lancaster University</span>
<a name="l-9"></a><span class="tm">07:41:58</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">fmarier is Francois Marier</span>
<a name="l-10"></a><span class="tm">07:42:04</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">richardm is Richard Mansfield, Catalyst IT, Wellington, New Zealand</span>
<a name="l-11"></a><span class="tm">07:42:09</span><span class="nk"> &lt;rkabalin_&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">Ruslan Kabalin - Lancaster University, UK</span>
<a name="l-12"></a><span class="tm">07:42:24</span><span class="nk"> &lt;elky&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">elky is melissa draper, Catalyst IT</span>
<a name="l-13"></a><span class="tm">07:42:44</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="topic">#topic </span><span class="topicline">Items from last meeting</span>
<a name="l-14"></a><span class="tm">07:43:08</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">all action items were related to checking bugs before freezing mahara 1.5. thus nothing to report.</span>
<a name="l-15"></a><span class="tm">07:43:20</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="topic">#topic </span><span class="topicline">Triggers in Mahara (Richard)</span>
<a name="l-16"></a><span class="tm">07:43:24</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> over to you, richardm
<a name="l-17"></a><span class="tm">07:43:28</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> we have an RC, yay!
<a name="l-18"></a><span class="tm">07:43:43</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> round of applause for elky
<a name="l-19"></a><span class="tm">07:43:51</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> oh. sorry. pop. that was the champagne cork :-)
<a name="l-20"></a><span class="tm">07:43:59</span><span class="nk"> &lt;rkabalin_&gt;</span> Well done!
<a name="l-21"></a><span class="tm">07:43:59</span><span class="nk"> &lt;elky&gt;</span> yay me!
<a name="l-22"></a><span class="tm">07:44:03</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> yay!
<a name="l-23"></a><span class="tm">07:44:06</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> Ace :) Well done all
<a name="l-24"></a><span class="tm">07:44:07</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> <span class="hi">anitsirk:</span> drinking in the office? ;-)
<a name="l-25"></a><span class="tm">07:44:13</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> nope. i'm at home
<a name="l-26"></a><span class="tm">07:44:20</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> Don't drink and root ;)
<a name="l-27"></a><span class="tm">07:44:38</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> :-)
<a name="l-28"></a><span class="tm">07:45:02</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> So with the triggers, I just wanted to mention that we have a function to create db triggers, should anyone need them
<a name="l-29"></a><span class="tm">07:45:18</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> Thanks to rkabalin_'s review :)
<a name="l-30"></a><span class="tm">07:45:22</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">mahara has a function to create db triggers if needed</span>
<a name="l-31"></a><span class="tm">07:46:02</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> <span class="hi">richardm:</span> what sort of things do you expect triggers will be useful for?
<a name="l-32"></a><span class="tm">07:46:12</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> I guess I don't need to say much more, if you feel like you need to use them, read the function in lib/dml.php
<a name="l-33"></a><span class="tm">07:46:22</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> but for our case
<a name="l-34"></a><span class="tm">07:47:01</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> after a ton of toing &amp; froing we decided to cache counts of unread notifications in the user table
<a name="l-35"></a><span class="tm">07:47:22</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> (because reading the notification_internal_activity was generating tons of slow queries)
<a name="l-36"></a><span class="tm">07:48:19</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> so i guess it's useful when a db field's value is completely determined by some other thing in the db
<a name="l-37"></a><span class="tm">07:49:00</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> i'm not aware of anything else we should use them for yet, but people should know they're there
<a name="l-38"></a><span class="tm">07:49:01</span><span class="nk"> &lt;rkabalin_&gt;</span> How do we upgrade if trigger needs to be changed
<a name="l-39"></a><span class="tm">07:49:03</span><span class="nk"> &lt;rkabalin_&gt;</span> ?
<a name="l-40"></a><span class="tm">07:49:03</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> ..
<a name="l-41"></a><span class="tm">07:49:11</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> drop &amp; recreate
<a name="l-42"></a><span class="tm">07:49:38</span><span class="nk"> &lt;rkabalin_&gt;</span> OK, that is how I expected
<a name="l-43"></a><span class="tm">07:50:09</span><span class="nk"> &lt;rkabalin_&gt;</span> ..
<a name="l-44"></a><span class="tm">07:50:15</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">If a trigger needs to be changed, you drop and recreate</span>
<a name="l-45"></a><span class="tm">07:50:15</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> so there's a db_drop_trigger function which is not used anywhere yet
<a name="l-46"></a><span class="tm">07:50:25</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> but that's what you need to use
<a name="l-47"></a><span class="tm">07:50:45</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> ..
<a name="l-48"></a><span class="tm">07:50:48</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">the db_drop_trigger function would need to be used for that</span>
<a name="l-49"></a><span class="tm">07:51:13</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> that's all from me, anitsirk
<a name="l-50"></a><span class="tm">07:51:30</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> any other questions or comments for this topic before we move on?
<a name="l-51"></a><span class="tm">07:51:55</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="hi">fmarier:</span> you are up next.
<a name="l-52"></a><span class="tm">07:51:56</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="topic">#topic </span><span class="topicline">Upstream status of Dwoo (Francois)</span>
<a name="l-53"></a><span class="tm">07:51:57</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">!/seldaek/status/167546484865241088 triggered the topic</span>
<a name="l-54"></a><span class="tm">07:51:57</span><span class="nk"> &lt;rkabalin_&gt;</span> nothing from me
<a name="l-55"></a><span class="tm">07:51:58</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#link </span><span class="cmdline">!/seldaek/status/167546484865241088</span>
<a name="l-56"></a><span class="tm">07:52:29</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> indeed, Mjollnir` told us that she was looking for a new maintainer for the dwoo debian package and pointed to that tweet
<a name="l-57"></a><span class="tm">07:53:13</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> so i guess the question is: if dwoo is not going to be maintained much in the future, should we keep using it or should we look at switching to something else?
<a name="l-58"></a><span class="tm">07:53:28 </span><span class="nka">* fmarier</span> <span class="ac">doesn't know much about other php templating systems</span>
<a name="l-59"></a><span class="tm">07:53:41</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#info </span><span class="cmdline">Mjollnir` was looking for a new maintainer for the dwoo debian package</span>
<a name="l-60"></a><span class="tm">07:53:46</span><span class="nk"> &lt;rkabalin_&gt;</span> We could maintain it as a part of Mahara
<a name="l-61"></a><span class="tm">07:54:07</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> yeah, that's an option. we did that with pieforms
<a name="l-62"></a><span class="tm">07:54:08</span><span class="nk"> &lt;rkabalin_&gt;</span> (not as standalone thing)
<a name="l-63"></a><span class="tm">07:54:27</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#help: </span><span class="cmdline">if dwoo is not going to be maintained much in the future, should we keep using it or should we look at switching to something else?</span>
<a name="l-64"></a><span class="tm">07:54:32</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> we could switch to the new one that seldaek is working on if/when we need to
<a name="l-65"></a><span class="tm">07:54:39</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> We've already changed the templating engine underneath people once, and it can be quite expensive for our users to rewrite their customisations :\
<a name="l-66"></a><span class="tm">07:54:39</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> i forget what it's called
<a name="l-67"></a><span class="tm">07:54:51</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> <span class="hi">richardm:</span> ah, that's why he's dropping dwoo?
<a name="l-68"></a><span class="tm">07:55:08</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> yeah he has a blog post on it somewhere
<a name="l-69"></a><span class="tm">07:55:16</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> <span class="hi">dobedobedoh:</span> except that last time we didn't really have to change much when we switched away from smarty
<a name="l-70"></a><span class="tm">07:55:21</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> true
<a name="l-71"></a><span class="tm">07:55:47</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> are they any big templating systems for php or is it just homebrewed things from various developers?
<a name="l-72"></a><span class="tm">07:56:04</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#idea </span><span class="cmdline">we could switch but that could be expensive to rewrite customizations</span>
<a name="l-73"></a><span class="tm">07:56:48</span><span class="nk"> &lt;elky&gt;</span> fmarier, not that i can think of off the top of my head
<a name="l-74"></a><span class="tm">07:57:00</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#help </span><span class="cmdline">are there any big templating systems for php or is it just homebrewed things from various developers?</span>
<a name="l-75"></a><span class="tm">07:57:20</span><span class="nk"> &lt;rkabalin_&gt;</span> I think we should keep Dwoo, as it entirely meets our requirements at the moment and maintain it as a part of Mahara. If someone wants to use it separately, that person could easily do that
<a name="l-76"></a><span class="tm">07:57:36</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> ok, well, i don't have much more to say on this topic. we don't have an immediate action to take on this, but i just wanted to throw it out there
<a name="l-77"></a><span class="tm">07:57:57</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#idea </span><span class="cmdline">from rkabalin_ : I think we should keep Dwoo, as it entirely meets our requirements at the moment and maintain it as a part of Mahara.</span>
<a name="l-78"></a><span class="tm">07:58:24</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> do we have to action something right away or would something have to go on to the more long term todo list?
<a name="l-79"></a><span class="tm">07:58:50</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> i think rkabalin_'s suggestion of doing nothing until we have a good reason to switch is fine
<a name="l-80"></a><span class="tm">07:59:00</span><span class="nk"> &lt;elky&gt;</span> review the situation at the beginning of each cycle, probably
<a name="l-81"></a><span class="tm">07:59:10</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anzeljg&gt;</span> I think I found it:
<a name="l-82"></a><span class="tm">07:59:12</span><span class="nk"> &lt;rkabalin_&gt;</span> <span class="hi">fmarier:</span> yeap, that what I meant
<a name="l-83"></a><span class="tm">07:59:28</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> review the situation if we learn of a better templating system and bring it up at a meeting
<a name="l-84"></a><span class="tm">07:59:39</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> symfony is a whole framework i think
<a name="l-85"></a><span class="tm">07:59:41</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> ah yeah symfony, that's the one
<a name="l-86"></a><span class="tm">07:59:47</span><span class="nk"> &lt;rkabalin_&gt;</span> sumfony is MVC framework, not just a templating thingy
<a name="l-87"></a><span class="tm">07:59:50</span><span class="nk"> &lt;elky&gt;</span> that's more than a templating engine by the looks
<a name="l-88"></a><span class="tm">07:59:55</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> symfony is a whole framework
<a name="l-89"></a><span class="tm">07:59:58</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> yeah, that would be a massive rewrite of mahara :)
<a name="l-90"></a><span class="tm">08:00:01</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> do you agree on what rkabalin_ suggested and fmarier summarized?
<a name="l-91"></a><span class="tm">08:00:03</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> (It's quite nice to use)
<a name="l-92"></a><span class="tm">08:00:04</span><span class="nk"> &lt;elky&gt;</span> yeahno
<a name="l-93"></a><span class="tm">08:00:13</span><span class="nk"> &lt;rkabalin_&gt;</span> <span class="hi">anitsirk:</span> yea, I agree
<a name="l-94"></a><span class="tm">08:00:22</span><span class="nk"> &lt;Mjollnir`&gt;</span> here
<a name="l-95"></a><span class="tm">08:00:30</span><span class="nk"> &lt;Mjollnir`&gt;</span> it's twig that he switched to
<a name="l-96"></a><span class="tm">08:00:53</span><span class="nk"> &lt;Mjollnir`&gt;</span> it's included in symfony but it's also a standalone templating system
<a name="l-97"></a><span class="tm">08:00:54</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> <span class="hi">Mjollnir`:</span> any idea what the reason for the switch is?
<a name="l-98"></a><span class="tm">08:01:21</span><span class="nk"> &lt;Mjollnir`&gt;</span> i guess he got involved in symfony for other reasons anyway
<a name="l-99"></a><span class="tm">08:01:27</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anzeljg&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#link </span><span class="cmdline"></span>
<a name="l-100"></a><span class="tm">08:01:27</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#link </span><span class="cmdline"></span>
<a name="l-101"></a><span class="tm">08:01:32</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> that looks nice
<a name="l-102"></a><span class="tm">08:01:38</span><span class="nk"> &lt;Mjollnir`&gt;</span> fwiw, i really like twig
<a name="l-103"></a><span class="tm">08:01:45</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> i'll create a wishlist bug for it
<a name="l-104"></a><span class="tm">08:02:03</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> Looks like it wouldn't be to much of a switch, and hopefully it would be maintained if it's being used with symfony
<a name="l-105"></a><span class="tm">08:02:20</span><span class="nk"> &lt;Mjollnir`&gt;</span> but moving from smarty to dwoo we didn't change any templates really. otoh we didn't really take advantage of using dwoo over smarty for that reason ...
<a name="l-106"></a><span class="tm">08:02:45</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> yeah the only advantage we got out of using dwoo was the auto-escaping
<a name="l-107"></a><span class="tm">08:02:57</span><span class="nk"> &lt;Mjollnir`&gt;</span> yeah.
<a name="l-108"></a><span class="tm">08:03:10</span><span class="nk"> &lt;Mjollnir`&gt;</span> but jordi is not doing releases iirc, you'd have to track git
<a name="l-109"></a><span class="tm">08:03:15</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#action </span><span class="cmdline">fmarier to create a wishlist bug for twig as templating system</span>
<a name="l-110"></a><span class="tm">08:04:21</span><span class="nk"> &lt;Mjollnir`&gt;</span> lack of security support at some point in the future might be a reason to switch
<a name="l-111"></a><span class="tm">08:04:33</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#link </span><span class="cmdline"></span>
<a name="l-112"></a><span class="tm">08:04:35</span><span class="nk"> &lt;richardm&gt;</span> <span class="hi">Mjollnir`:</span> do you reckon jordi would be keen to do the work switch mahara to twig (like he did with dwoo)
<a name="l-113"></a><span class="tm">08:04:35</span><span class="nk"> &lt;maharabug&gt;</span> Launchpad bug 966001 in mahara "Switch templating system from dwoo to twig" [Wishlist,Triaged]
<a name="l-114"></a><span class="tm">08:04:53</span><span class="nk"> &lt;Mjollnir`&gt;</span> <span class="hi">richardm:</span> no
<a name="l-115"></a><span class="tm">08:05:05</span><span class="nk"> &lt;Mjollnir`&gt;</span> <span class="hi">richardm:</span> i don't think jordi is directly involved in twig at all
<a name="l-116"></a><span class="tm">08:05:13</span><span class="nk"> &lt;Mjollnir`&gt;</span> he's just not maintaining dwoo anymore because he's using symfony
<a name="l-117"></a><span class="tm">08:06:18</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> If we do a rewrite, we should stop calling the template engine $smarty
<a name="l-118"></a><span class="tm">08:07:14</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anzeljg&gt;</span> Mybe we should call it $template (in cas we switch again in the future)?
<a name="l-119"></a><span class="tm">08:07:35</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> or $notsmarty ;-)
<a name="l-120"></a><span class="tm">08:07:47</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> anyways, that's all i had
<a name="l-121"></a><span class="tm">08:07:48</span><span class="nk"> &lt;dobedobedoh&gt;</span> I'm thinking $templator or something akin
<a name="l-122"></a><span class="tm">08:07:51</span><span class="nk"> &lt;Mjollnir`&gt;</span> twig syntax is based on whatever django uses for templates by the way
<a name="l-123"></a><span class="tm">08:07:59</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> thank you very much Mjollnir` for jumping in
<a name="l-124"></a><span class="tm">08:08:13</span><span class="nk"> &lt;rkabalin_&gt;</span> I suggest to keep it $smarty :)
<a name="l-125"></a><span class="tm">08:08:16 </span><span class="nka">* fmarier</span> <span class="ac">loves Django</span>
<a name="l-126"></a><span class="tm">08:08:24</span><span class="nk"> &lt;rkabalin_&gt;</span> For historical reasons
<a name="l-127"></a><span class="tm">08:08:39</span><span class="nk"> &lt;elky&gt;</span> uh oh
<a name="l-128"></a><span class="tm">08:08:42</span><span class="nk"> &lt;Mjollnir`&gt;</span>
<a name="l-129"></a><span class="tm">08:08:46</span><span class="nk"> &lt;rkabalin_&gt;</span> so, everyone will keep asking why it is called smarty :)
<a name="l-130"></a><span class="tm">08:09:01</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> sorry. back again
<a name="l-131"></a><span class="tm">08:09:10</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> <span class="cmd">#link </span><span class="cmdline"></span>
<a name="l-132"></a><span class="tm">08:10:00</span><span class="nk"> &lt;Mjollnir`&gt;</span> <span class="hi">fmarier:</span> no worries, you highlight me, i appear :)
<a name="l-133"></a><span class="tm">08:10:00</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> shall we move on?
<a name="l-134"></a><span class="tm">08:10:10 </span><span class="nka">* Mjollnir`</span> <span class="ac">goes back to idling</span>
<a name="l-135"></a><span class="tm">08:10:15</span><span class="nk"> &lt;fmarier&gt;</span> sure
<a name="l-136"></a><span class="tm">08:10:22</span><span class="nk"> &lt;anitsirk&gt;</span> <span class="hi">Mjollnir`:</span> thanks for stopping by