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[mahardev] Meeting of 5th September 2013

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#mahara-dev Meeting
Meeting started by aarowlaptop at 08:01:15 UTC. The full logs are
available at
Meeting summary
* anitsirk is Kristina Hoeppner, Catalyst IT, Wellington, NZ (anitsirk,
* aarowlaptop is Aaron Wells at Catalyst IT in Wellington, NZ
(aarowlaptop, 08:02:03)
* robertl_ is Robert Lyon, Catalyst IT in Wellington, NZ (robertl_,
* dobedobedoh is Andrew Nicols at Lancaster University, UK (just)
(dobedobedoh, 08:02:47)
* sonn_ is Son Nguyen at Catalyst IT in Wellington, NZ (sonn_,
* Items from last meeting (aarowlaptop, 08:04:44)
* to see about changing the channel operators on the #mahara-dev IRC
room, and running his own copy of meetbot (aarowlaptop, 08:05:21)
* dajan - Dominique-Alain Jan coordinator of the francophone community
(dajan, 08:06:47)
* ACTION: Aaron to see about changing the channel operators on the
#mahara-dev IRC room (aarowlaptop, 08:07:12)
* anzeljg is Gregor Anzelj, translator & developer from Ljubljana,
Slovenia (anzeljg, 08:09:25)
* Aaron to discuss switching to "asynchronous meetings" (aarowlaptop,
* kabalin is Ruslan Kabalin, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK
(rkabalin, 08:11:05)
* Keep developer meetings synchronously in irc. (anitsirk, 08:14:00)
* IDEA: Should we make the meetings less developer-focused?
(aarowlaptop, 08:18:20)
* IDEA: one or two meetings a year where the focus is brainstorming
new features (dajan, 08:23:09)
* IDEA: Occasional dev meetings that use Google Hangouts or BBB or
other webinar software, rather than just IRC (aarowlaptop,
* Dajan improvements to the Mahara admin interface for
installing/deleting plugins (aarowlaptop, 08:28:08)
* LINK: added to
(anitsirk, 08:30:39)
* dajan negotiating funding for the development work to get Patrick
Pollet's CAS plugin into core (aarowlaptop, 08:32:46)
* LINK: CAS plugin
(aarowlaptop, 08:33:20)
* Aaron: Exceptional cases when an approved code reviewer may push code
directly without another reviewer looking at it (aarowlaptop,
* 1. Cherry-picking of already approved commits, that touch relatively
few lines of code, to other supported branches (if the cherry-pick
applies cleanly) (aarowlaptop, 08:38:33)
* 2. Patches that only make changes to comments or documentation files
but do not touch executable Mahara code (aarowlaptop, 08:39:05)
* 3. (Possibly) changes to development tools, like the pre-commit
hooks and Makefiles (aarowlaptop, 08:40:02)
* 4. Patches to revert already-approved patches which have caused
major regressions (aarowlaptop, 08:40:47)
* In the case of Item 1, the cherry-picked patches should be verified
(this can be by the dev who is pushing them) (aarowlaptop,
* AGREED: (aarowlaptop, 09:03:39)
* AGREED: : +2 Reviewers can commit things without getting review from
others in the following scenarios: cherry-picking already-reviewed,
cleanly applied, patches from one branch to another (though they
should verify them on the target branch); changes to non-code files
and to comments; Reverts to already-approved patches that caused
major regressions (aarowlaptop, 09:06:04)
* Update on the 1.8 release (Kristina) (aarowlaptop, 09:07:01)
* Mahara 1.8 will have a lot of new features and lots of new
Javascript that can cause a number of regressions and sticky points.
Anyone who is interested in testing even only one feature or a work
flow would be adding a lot of value to making the stable release a
good one. (anitsirk, 09:12:24)
* Deciding the time and chair for the next meeting (aarowlaptop,
* AGREED: The next dev meeting will be on 3 Oct, 8pm UTC
(aarowlaptop, 09:26:25)
(aarowlaptop, 09:26:27)
* ACTION: Ruslan to chair the next dev meeting (aarowlaptop,
* Any other business? (aarowlaptop, 09:28:11)
(rkabalin, 09:29:33)
* the coding guidelines require updating (anitsirk, 09:29:40)
* IDEA: rkabalin outlined changes at
(anitsirk, 09:29:56)
* Gregor has completed a profile completeness block (aarowlaptop,
(aarowlaptop, 09:44:27)
Meeting ended at 09:51:47 UTC.
Action Items
* Aaron to see about changing the channel operators on the #mahara-dev
IRC room
* Ruslan to chair the next dev meeting
Action Items, by person
* Aaron to see about changing the channel operators on the #mahara-dev
IRC room
* Ruslan to chair the next dev meeting
People Present (lines said)
* aarowlaptop (130)
* anitsirk (94)
* dajan (40)
* anzeljg (34)
* rkabalin (33)
* dobedobedoh (30)
* robertl_ (25)
* sonn_ (10)
* iarenaza (3)
* maharameet (3)
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