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#mahara-dev: The 65th Mahara developer meeting
Meeting started by anitsirk at 07:03:09 UTC. The full logs are
available at mahara-dev/2018/mahara-dev.2018-04-26-07.03.log.html .
Meeting summary
* anitsirk is Kristina Hoeppner, Catalyst in Wellington, NZ (anitsirk,
* ghada is Ghada El-Zoghbi @ Catalyst IT, Sydney, AU (ghada, 07:03:42)
* rebeccablundell is Rebecca Blundell, Catalyst in Wellington, NZ
(rebeccablundell, 07:04:00)
* robertl_ is Robert Lyon, Catalyst in Wellington, NZ (robertl_,
* Mahara 18.04 (anitsirk, 07:06:02)
* Congratulations to everyone. We released Mahara 18.04 on 6 April
2018. It comes with a lot of new features. (anitsirk, 07:06:24)
* LINK: (anitsirk,
* Thanks you for having created new features and also fixed bugs for
this latest version of Mahara. (anitsirk, 07:06:24)
* we needed to move quickly with 18.04 due to the GDPR (anitsirk,
* Therefore, we released at the beginning of the month, which cut our
normal release time short by a few weeks. (anitsirk, 07:07:35)
* Dmitrii_ is Dmitrii Metelkin, Catalyst in Melbourne, AU (Dmitrii_,
* Outlock for Mahara 18.10 (anitsirk, 07:15:24)
* We already have a few new features merged into the future Mahara
18.10 branch: (anitsirk, 07:15:24)
(anitsirk, 07:15:24)
* A number more are in active development. Amongst them are:
(anitsirk, 07:15:24)
* 1. Isolated institutions that GregorA is working on: (anitsirk, 07:15:24)
* 2. Assignment submission via LTI: MattC from us is working on that.
(anitsirk, 07:15:24)
* 3. Institution tags for which Maria is the main developer on that:
(anitsirk, 07:15:25)
* Soon we are going to start looking into more tagging features to add
all content based on one or more tags to a page automatically
(anitsirk, 07:15:25)
* The full UX review had to be stalled for a couple of reasons, but we
are going to pick them up again starting next week and will put some
things onto the roadmap for 18.10. (anitsirk, 07:17:39)
* IDEA: One thing I forgot to mention: We are looking into upgrading
Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4. By the amount of work involved, it looks
more like something for 19.04, but we'll know a bit more in a few
weeks once our front-end devs had more time to investigate.
(anitsirk, 07:27:15)
* LINK: -
useful for those who wants to have several php version in one VM (or
locally) (Dmitrii_, 07:28:08)
* LINK: -
useful for those who wants to have several php versions in one VM
(or locally) (Dmitrii_, 07:28:17)
* To text or not to text? (anitsirk, 07:30:08)
* IDEA: We've had the Mahara developer meetins for a while now. Today
marks the 65th. We've always held them on IRC because the official
chat channel for Mahara is on there. The question is: Shall we
continue using IRC or move to a voice channel, webinar style like so
we can talk rather than type and discuss the agenda items?
(anitsirk, 07:30:09)
* ACTION: anitsirk to look into web conference tool to use for next
dev meeting. (anitsirk, 07:34:24)
* Next meeting an chair (anitsirk, 07:34:59)
* The next Mahara developer meeting will take place on 13 June 2018
and will be chaired by rebeccablundell (anitsirk, 07:42:44)
(anitsirk, 07:42:46)
Meeting ended at 07:45:53 UTC.
Action items, by person
* anitsirk
* anitsirk to look into web conference tool to use for next dev
People present (lines said)
* anitsirk (83)
* rebeccablundell (18)
* robertl_ (14)
* ghada (12)
* Dmitrii_ (11)
* mahara-meetbot (3)
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