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#raw Meeting
Meeting started by anitsirk at 21:04:26 UTC. The full logs are
available at /tmp/raw.log.html .
Meeting summary
* anitsirk is Kristina Hoeppner, Catalyst, Wellington (anitsirk,
* robertl_ is Robert Lyon, Catalyst in Wellington, New Zealand
(robertl_, 21:04:38)
* mingard is Jono Mingard, Powershop in Wellington, New Zealand
(mingard, 21:04:51)
* anzeljg is Gregor Anželj, developer and translator, POVSOD, Ljubljana,
Slovenia (anzeljg, 21:04:54)
* ghada_l is Ghada El-Zoghbi, Catalyst IT in Sydney, Australia (ghada,
* cecilia is Cecilia Vela, Catalyst IT in Wellington, New Zealand
(cecilia, 21:05:42)
* Congratulations (anitsirk, 21:05:55)
* Topics from previous meeting (anitsirk, 21:08:01)
* robertl_ Progress of 17.04 release (anitsirk, 21:08:01)
* We are planning on revamping the navigation for Mahara to modernize
it and make it more accessible than in the horizontal form.
(anitsirk, 21:12:37)
* Wireframing is at
(anitsirk, 21:12:37)
* IDEA: use the new menu bar on the left to pin favorite places in
Mahara. (anitsirk, 21:19:01)
* Mahara re-branding (anitsirk, 21:23:05)
* As you may have seen by now, we re-branded at the beginning of the
year introducing a new logo and brand colors for Mahara. We felt it
was time to update our logo, make it more modern and bring it into
the year 2017. :-) (anitsirk, 21:23:18)
* You can find the brand guidelines on at (anitsirk, 21:23:25)
* LINK: (anitsirk,
* If you have any questions for the logo or other aspects of the
brand, please let me know. (anitsirk, 21:23:25)
* In the past people could use the "Mahara font", i.e. KingsThings to
write other words to look like Mahara. (anitsirk, 21:25:23)
* This is not possible anymore and not desirable. The text "Mahara" in
the logo is a custom font derived from an existing one but that
tweaked to make it look like it does right now. (anitsirk,
* Any other text should be in OpenSans, which is the official font for
Mahara. (anitsirk, 21:26:24)
* We are also in the process of updating the logos in the existing
themes of all supported versions of Mahara, but will also make the
old logos available in case you can't just update the logo yet on
your own instance. (anitsirk, 21:31:22)
* anzeljg: raw should be as stripped down as possible. so that'll only
mean color adjustments. (anitsirk, 21:33:32)
* for default: We haven't planned that yet but also at minimum color
adjustments as the current green is not a brand color anymore
(anitsirk, 21:33:55)
* Develop application from Dmitrii (anitsirk, 21:35:38)
* Dmitrii is a developer in the Catalyst Melbourne office and has done
a bunch of Mahara work in the past year. So we thought it's time for
him to put his application forward to become an approved dev.
(anitsirk, 21:35:38)
* LINK: (anitsirk,
* ghada, mingard and robertl_ had reviewed Dmitrii's patches and
robertl_ and ghada had worked with him more closely. there were no
questions for him. (anitsirk, 21:42:50)
* all three present approved Mahara devs agreed to give Dmitrii
Metelkin +2 privileges. (anitsirk, 21:43:16)
* AGREED: Dmitrii Metelkin becomes the latest approved Mahara dev and
can now merge changes and do releases amongst other things. :-)
(anitsirk, 21:44:03)
* Next meeting and chair (anitsirk, 21:45:24)
then and I volutneer (anzeljg, 21:51:10)
* AGREED: anzeljg will chair the 59th Mahara developer meeting on 9
March 2017 at 8 UTC. (anitsirk, 21:52:29)
* Any other business (anitsirk, 21:52:36)
* LINK: (anitsirk, 21:54:27)
* Let's Encrypt offers an easy way of
generating SSL certificates. (anitsirk, 21:55:06)
Meeting ended at 21:56:50 UTC.
People present (lines said)
* anitsirk (110)
* robertl_ (31)
* anzeljg (24)
* mingard (18)
* ghada (18)
* Gregor_Pirker (10)
* cecilia (5)
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