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#mahara-dev: 56th Mahara developer meeting
Meeting started by sonn at 08:01:19 UTC. The full logs are available at
mahara-dev/2016/mahara-dev.2016-09-07-08.01.log.html .
Meeting summary
* anitsirk is Kristina Hoeppner, Catalyst, Wellington, NZ (today from
Sydney) (anitsirk, 08:01:36)
* sonn is Son Nguyen, Catalyst IT, Wellington, NZ (sonn, 08:01:44)
* robertl_ is Robert Lyon, Catalyst in Wellington, New Zealand
(robertl_, 08:01:46)
* ghada is Ghada El-Zoghbi, Catalyst in Sydney, Australia (ghada,
* sl-yairspi is Yair Spielmann, Synergy Learning in Belfast, NI
(sl-yairspi, 08:02:34)
* From previous meeting: aaronw_ and robertl_ to discuss the details of
how to get a build branch for Mahara releases going to support those
who can't use composer. (sonn, 08:04:17)
* more progress on the build branch will be made in time for the 16.10
stable release (anitsirk, 08:06:11)
* simplesamlphp comes packages in Mahara and requires composer to
fetch/install dependencies. if the server can't access the internet
/ fetch dependencies it gets a bit more complicated. (anitsirk,
* IDEA: : prebuild the files needed somewhere so that they can be
added to the stable build zip files etc so people can fetch them
(anitsirk, 08:11:51)
* That is similar to how the building of the css files works.
(anitsirk, 08:12:36)
* the new way of simplesamlphp replaces the old manual way. people
using SAML SSO on their sites should be careful with an upgrade and
test it on a test server first. (anitsirk, 08:16:42)
* ACTION: robertl_ will add an option in the Makefile in mahara to
prebuild simplesamlphp packages for 16.10 release (sonn, 08:17:43)
* from previous meeting: aarow_ to update the Behat Testing setup page
(sonn, 08:20:04)
* ACTION: aarow_laptop will update the Behat Testing setup page soon
(sonn, 08:23:04)
* robertl_ updated the
and added the line 'First try the 'Shut down incorrectly' steps
below - if you have had behat running successfully in the past '
(sonn, 08:25:09)
* sometime the selenium server does not stop when the tests failed in
the middle (sonn, 08:26:24)
* From previous meeting: SmartEvidence has a bunch of patches in review
(sonn, 08:27:00)
* All SmartEvidence patches have been merged and are available in
16.10RC1 (anitsirk, 08:27:20)
* a short demo video can be found at (anitsirk, 08:27:29)
* LINK: (anitsirk,
* SmartEvidence will be a great new feature in Mahara enabling working
with competency frameworks. (anitsirk, 08:29:17)
* anitsirk tested 16.10 RC on mobile today and it's already looking
good (sonn, 08:29:23)
* Release Candidate (sonn, 08:32:18)
* As you may have seen, we released RC1 for 16.10 on Friday, 2
September (anitsirk, 08:32:47)
* it's available for testing now to make 16.10.0 a good stable
release. (anitsirk, 08:33:01)
* Information about testing, where to get the code, what's new etc. is
available in the forum post at (anitsirk,
(anitsirk, 08:33:41)
* IDEA: upgrade your *testing* / *development* sites and give feedback
how it goes (anitsirk, 08:34:18)
* we are planning on putting out RC2 as we found a couple of big
oopses that need fixing. (anitsirk, 08:35:00)
* If you find any issues please report them here (anitsirk,
* Please report bugs for 16.10 rc at (sonn, 08:36:15)
* ACTION: sonn will make some VM images of mahara 16.10 rc for testing
(sonn, 08:39:01)
* SmartEvidence (demo video at (sonn, 08:41:38)
* PHP 7 (Progress is being made) (sonn, 08:42:40)
* Catlayst testers have been testing moe on PHP7 now that Ubuntu 16.04
has PHP7 as default. if anybody else can test as well and report
issues that would be great. (anitsirk, 08:43:21)
* please do test the 16.10 release candidate on php7 as well as php 5
if you can (anitsirk, 08:46:39)
* Next meeting and chair (sonn, 08:51:34)
(sonn, 08:57:52)
* AGREED: Wed, 9 Nov , 0800 UTC for the next meeting:
(sonn, 08:59:09)
* AGREED: robertl_ volunteered to chair (sonn, 09:01:25)
* Any other business (sonn, 09:02:01)
* Mahara Hui UK 2016 will take place at the University of Sunderland
on 17 and 18 November. The call for papers is open until 9 October
and there is also still the possibility to be a sponsor. (anitsirk, 09:02:57)
* LINK: (anitsirk, 09:02:58)
Meeting ended at 09:07:04 UTC.
Action items, by person
* aarow_laptop
* aarow_laptop will update the Behat Testing setup page soon
* robertl_
* robertl_ will add an option in the Makefile in mahara to prebuild
simplesamlphp packages for 16.10 release
* sonn
* sonn will make some VM images of mahara 16.10 rc for testing
People present (lines said)
* anitsirk (68)
* sonn (59)
* robertl_ (41)
* ghada (19)
* sl-yairspi (11)
* aarow_laptop (7)
* mahara-meetbot (4)
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