Commit 8c67c89e authored by Nigel McNie's avatar Nigel McNie
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Added a script that will download and set up selenium core, so the tests can easily be triggered.

parent 49312302
# Downloads and sets up selenium core for running the Mahara selenium tests
# Author: Nigel McNie <>
# Copyright: (C) 2007 Catalyst IT Ltd.
set -e
pushd $(dirname $0)
# Download selenium if we don't have it
if [ ! -r ]; then
# Bail out if we already ran the script
if [ -d ../../htdocs/selenium-core ]; then
echo "You seem to have already extracted selenium-core to ../../htdocs/selenium-core."
echo "Remove it if you want to re-install"
# Make a temporary directory for extracting selenium to
if [ -d selenium-extract-temp ]; then
rm -rf selenium-extract-temp
mkdir selenium-extract-temp
unzip -q -d selenium-extract-temp
cp -R selenium-extract-temp/core ../../htdocs/selenium-core
# Symlink our tests to where selenium core likes them to be
ln -s ../test/selenium ../../htdocs/tests
# Remove the temporary extract directory
rm -r selenium-extract-temp
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