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groups: Removed note that is not needed anymore

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......@@ -51,10 +51,6 @@ You see an overview of all the groups on the site.
#. Click the *Search* button to start your search.
#. **Group name**: The table is sorted alphabetically according to the group name. The group names are linked for easy access to their group homepages.
#. **Short name**: The group's short name is displayed. Every group has a short name and can be :ref:`managed via a CSV file <groups_csv_add>` in bulk.
.. note::
In Mahara 16.10 or later all groups, also those created manually, received a short name and are associated with an institution in order to allow for their management via CSV file. That data is also added to existing groups.
#. **Members**: Number of group members in each group.
#. **Administrators**: Number of group administrators per group.
#. **Group type**: Overview of whether and how users can join this group.
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