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admin/config_site: Add customizable landing page

New features in Mahara 18.10:

1. You can decide where people land when they log
in to Mahara. Other redirects are honored though,
e.g. when a different link is clicked and a login
is required (Bug #1790731).

2. Select the preferred timezone for the site
(Bug #1771362).
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......@@ -63,9 +63,20 @@ Site settings
You can install more `language packs <>`_. `More information about the language packs <>`_ is on the wiki.
#. **Country**: The country selected is the default for country selections throughout your Mahara installation, e.g. in :ref:`contact information <contact_info>`.
#. |new in Mahara 18.10| **Time zone**: :index:`Select <single: New in Mahara 18.10; Set your default time zone>` the time zone in which you want to have time stamps displayed around the site. If you do not select one, one will be chosen according to the country if you entered one. This may not be accurate if a country has more than one time zone.
#. **Theme**: Mahara comes with a number of themes that you can use. Choose one from the drop-down menu to make it the default theme for your site. If you have :ref:`institutions <site_admin_institutions>` set up, they can :ref:`choose their own theme <add_institution>`. You can `search for community-contributed themes <>`_ on the Mahara wiki.
#. **Show homepage / dashboard information**: If set to "Yes", information about Mahara and how it is used is displayed on the homepage for logged-out and on the *Dashboard* for registered users. Registered users can disable this for their own dashboard. See also :ref:`Quick links <dashboard_quick_links>`.
#. **Send weekly updates?**: If set to "Yes", your site sends weekly updates to ` <>`_ with some statistics about your site. See also :ref:`Register your Mahara site <mahara_registration>`.
#. |new in Mahara 18.10| **Custom landing page**: :index:`Switch <single: New in Mahara 18.10; Define custom landing page after login>` this setting to "Yes" if you want people to arrive at a different page than the dashboard after having logged in. The select menu where you can choose the appropriate page becomes visible.
.. note::
If a person clicks a link that is different from the homepage and requires a login, they will be redirected to the proper page rather than being taken to the custom landing page.
#. |new in Mahara 18.10| **Landing page**: Start typing a letter that appears in the title of the page that you want to choose.
.. note::
Only group, institution, and site pages that are available to all registered users are displayed. That includes group homepages as well as group discussion forums when they are visible to all registered users.
If a page is deleted or access removed, the site administrator receives an email notification so they can fix the problem. In the meantime, everybody is redirected to the dashboard page again.
.. index:: Gravatar
pair: Administration; User settings
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