Commit 1a399162 authored by Kristina Hoeppner's avatar Kristina Hoeppner

portfolio/feedback: Comments can't be deleted on submitted portfolio

New feature in Mahara 18.10: When a portfolio is
submitted for assessment, you can't delete feedback
from it (Bug 1763517).
parent f25e1cef
......@@ -282,3 +282,6 @@ You can now give feedback on the submitted individual pages or pages in a collec
#. Click the *Comment* button to save your feedback or click *Cancel* to abort your changes.
#. Once you have commented, the author receives a notification about it.
#. Click the *Release page* / *Release collection* button to unlock the portfolio for the owner to be able to make changes again.
.. note::
|new in Mahara 18.10| :index:`While <single: New in Mahara 18.10; Can't delete feedback while portfolio is submitted>` a portfolio is submitted, the portfolio owner cannot delete any feedback from the page.
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