Commit 2f1b06f6 authored by Kristina Hoeppner's avatar Kristina Hoeppner

portfolio/pages: Lock blocks and prevent deletion

New feature in Mahara 18.10: You can prevent the
accidental deletion of blocks by locking them to
to a page (Bug #1781844).
parent 0c061404
......@@ -283,6 +283,18 @@ You add a new page in your portfolio when you want to display artefacts together
|page instructions|
#. **Page URL**: Choose the name for your page if you do not like the default one. It must be 3-30 characters long. You can only use lowercase letters from a-z, numbers and - (hyphen).
.. note::
If you are just setting up your page, the default URL "untitled v.2" (or similar) is displayed. As soon as you save the page, the URL is changed automatically to reflect your actual page title.
#. |new in Mahara 18.10| **Lock blocks**: :index:`If <single: New in Mahara 18.10; Lock blocks on a page & don't delete them>` you set this option to "Yes", you cannot remove blocks from the page. You can still add new blocks, re-arrange them, but cannot delete any blocks.
.. note::
This is to prevent accidental deletion of blocks from a page, in particular if it is a template page that people copied into their own account.
Portfolio authors can remove the lock from the blocks through this setting if they wish and delete blocks once they copied the page to their own portfolio area.
#. **Name display format**: Choose how you want your name to appear on the page to others.
#. **Anonymise**: If the site administrator allowed :ref:`anonymous pages <anonymous_pages>`, you can choose this option here. Instead of your (display) name, "Author's name hidden" will be displayed to everyone. Administrators and staff can still see your real name.
#. **Layout**: Click the |retracted| icon to display all layout options. You can :ref:`change the layout <edit_layout>` to decide the overall distributon of your blocks on the page.
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