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new: Add group pages copying

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......@@ -65,6 +65,7 @@ Support the creation of templates more
* **Blocks in all contexts**: Blocks that could only be used by individuals can be put onto group, institution, and site pages for easier copying. While content may often not be added itself, the block can be prepared for the people using the template.
* **Page instructions**: Pages can be set up with :ref:`instructions <create_page>` that sit at the top of the page rather than needing to use a block for that.
* **Lock blocks**: You can :ref:`lock blocks <create_page>` to a page preventing their deletion from the page. While a portfolio author can remove the lock, at first look it is not possible to delete the blocks.
* **Copy group portfolios automatically**: You can :ref:`copy a group portfolio automatically <group_share>` into the accounts of existing group members. Administrators and tutors are excluded from the copying.
Submit a portfolio via LTI to an LMS
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