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......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ When an institution allows SmartEvidence, any user in that institution can work
Create a collection
#. Click the *New collection* button under *Portfolio → Collections*. On the next screen...
#. On the *Pages and collections* page, click the *Add* button. In the modal that comes up, click the *Collection* button. On the next screen...
#. **Collection name**: Provide a title for your collection.
#. **Collection description**: Optionally, you can write a short description about your collection. You do not have a visual editor, but just a plain text box.
#. **Tags**: :index:`Enter tags <single: Tags on collections>` to find your collection more easily at a later stage. You can choose from your existing tags by starting to type a letter and then selecting the tag you want to use. You can also type a new tag, and it is added to your list of tags.
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