Commit 8d59899b authored by Kristina Hoeppner's avatar Kristina Hoeppner

blocks/general: Add tags on text block

New feature in Mahara 18.10: Blocks that do not
contain artefacts can now have tags so they can
be found (Bug #1775106).
parent aa9d2ed6
......@@ -689,6 +689,7 @@ Add text to your page. This feature is used when you want to put a snippet of te
#. **Block title**: Provide a title for your text.
#. **Block content**: Write your text. You can include formatting, external images etc.
#. |new in Mahara 18.10| **Tags**: :index:`Enter <single: New in Mahara 18.10; Tags on text block>` tags for this block to find this content more easily.
#. **Retractable**: Choose whether you want to allow users to reduce the block to its heading on a page or see just the heading only automatically. The options are:
* **No**: The block and its content is displayed at all times.
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