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admin/users: Add note for auth method selection

parent 374f5973
......@@ -442,6 +442,8 @@ You can view and change a number of settings for a user's account.
#. **Authentication method**: Choose the authentication method for this user. A site administrator can set up the authentication methods in the :ref:`institution administration <site_admin_institutions>`. Depending on the authentication method that you have chosen, you may have to provide a *remote username* to allow the user to log in.
.. note::
You only see the authentication methods that you are allowed to assign to the person based on their institution membership.
:index:`The field <single: Display external / remote username field only for required authentication methods>` **Username for external authentication** is only displayed if an authentication method is chosen that requires a remote username. This allows administrators to see if a remote username has been supplied or not.
#. **Tags**: A user can be tagged by an administrator. The :ref:`tag of the institution to which the user belonged prior to joining a new institution <institution_leavers>` is not displayed to avoid its deletion.
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