Commit 8db95833 authored by Heinz Krettek's avatar Heinz Krettek
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neue Strings external Video

parent 8a03df9e
......@@ -39,3 +39,11 @@ $string['videourldescription2'] = 'Kopieren Sie den eingebetteten Code oder die
$string['width'] = 'Breite';
$string['height'] = 'Höhe';
$string['invalidurl'] = 'Ungültige URL';
//Supported sites language strings
$string['googlevideo'] = 'Google Video';
$string['scivee'] = 'SciVee';
$string['youtube'] = 'YouTube';
$string['teachertube'] = 'TeacherTube';
$string['prezi'] = 'Prezi';
$string['glogster'] = 'Glogster';
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