Commit 4e2ae0f5 authored by Rich Trott's avatar Rich Trott
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Date format for windows(bug #671456)

    windows systems do not support %e so a workarround is %#d, where the # remov
    this is a fix for the bug but a new bug will be created outlining that this

From commit c78df32c3d8060f6c7115eb217b03212cf9e5749 from master by Sean Brennan <>
parent 84fadc0a
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@
defined('INTERNAL') || die();
$string['parentlanguage'] = 'en.utf8';
$string['strftimedate'] = '%%e %%B %%Y';
$string['strftimedate'] = '%%#d %%B %%Y';
$string['strftimedateshort'] = '%%d %%B';
$string['strftimedatetime'] = '%%d %%B %%Y, %%l:%%M %%p';
$string['strftimedatetimeshort'] = '%%Y/%%m/%%d %%H:%%M';
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