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Updating the readme with new version number and build instructions

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......@@ -6,11 +6,35 @@ It is based on the FlowPlayer source code. In accordance with the FlowPlayer
GPL license, it has been renamed to "mahara-flashplayer" for distribution.
Version: 3.2.16dev
Version: 3.2.18
- Modified to disallow absolute URLs in configuration parameters, because it is
intended only to display internally hosted media.
- Because the source code has been modified, in accordance with the FlowPlayer
GPL License addendum, the FlowPlayer mark and logo have been removed
\ No newline at end of file
GPL License addendum, the FlowPlayer mark and logo have been removed
1. There are outdated build instructions up on the flowplayer website, at and . You may still get some useful information from them. The main difference is that the build files now live in the flash-build (aka mahara-flashplayer-build) project.
2. Install Apache ant, and install the Flex SDK. You will need to know the path to your Flex SDK's bin directory.
3. Clone the mahara-flashplayer-tld and mahara-flashplayer-build projects in addition to this one (the mahara-flashplayer project)
4. The build scripts are in the mahara-flashplayer-build project. They expect the three repositories you've cloned to be in a directory together, and to be named "tld", "flash-build", and "flash". You can accomplish this by either moving and renaming the directories, or creating symlinks.
5. cd into the flash-build directory.
6. Edit and to have the correct "flexdir" path to your Flex SDK bin directory.
7. Edit to have a valid "site.dir" path. This is where the default "build" command will deploy some of the files.
8. Do "ant build plugins-all"
9. Copy these files into the artefact/file/blocktype/internalmedia/mahara-flashplayer directory:
- flash-build/build/mahara-flashplayer.swf
- flash-build/build/mahara-flashplayer.controls.swf
- flash-build/dist/flowplayer.js (copy this to mahara-flashplayer.js)
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