Commit eb3829d0 authored by Anssi Piirainen's avatar Anssi Piirainen
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fix key validation on 'local domain'

parent 41e422b1
......@@ -5,9 +5,9 @@
<property name="version-1" value="3"/>
<property name="version-2" value="2"/>
<property name="version-3" value="15"/>
<property name="version-status" value=""/>
<property name="controls-version-info" value="3.2.14"/>
<property name="version-3" value="16"/>
<property name="version-status" value="dev"/>
<property name="controls-version-info" value="3.2.15-dev"/>
<property name="audio-version-info" value="3.2.10"/>
<property name="flowplayer-js-version-info" value="3.2.11"/>
<property name="source-dist-root-folder" value="flowplayer"/>
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