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    Removing obsolete "disablelogin" setting · 0284f9ab
    Aaron Wells authored
    Bug 1526076: I believe the initial intent was that
    Mahara core, and/or each plugin, could add a value
    to its version.php file indicating "disablelogin"
    true or false. And in this way, an upgrade could
    indicate whether it was a small enough upgrade that
    users did not need to log out for it.
    However, in practice this is not practical because
    we don't know what version of Mahara the user is
    upgrading from, and that is what determines whether
    or not it's a "stable" upgrade.
    Additionally, the core disablelogin has been set to true
    for the past 7 years, and the plugin disablelogin
    setting no longer has any effect.
    Removing disablelogin should hopefully make our
    maze of init.php auth_setup() login stuff a little
    bit easier to follow.
    behatnotneeded: Covered by existing tests
    Change-Id: I5f8a2b4faa95b9225bb926de6a54a622ea1a9618
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