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    Bug 1694171: Fixing up outstanding issues for v5.0 · 1bbc75e1
    Robert Lyon authored
    This patch will sit above Geralds one to sort out last minute things
    - upgrade compatibility
    -- Will need to compare current elasticsearch version with compatible
    version and alert about problems
    -- Will allow one to set the shards/replicas as part of config
    -- alert the cluster health (non green) status and unallocated replica
    - Allow empty search query to return all related results
    - Allow collections to record / search on collection tags
    - Index group access correctly
    - Get correct results to display for each tab rather than all results
    bunched together
    - Allow highlight on description field
    - Add a basic behat test
    - removed the built in docs/ and tests/ dirs as well as the phpunit
    test files
    Change-Id: I09b4eaf502a8400499debde2ff1d2a5316f20fbf
    Signed-off-by: default avatarRobert Lyon <>