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    Bug 1483963 - Better reporting on login activity · 19af23b2
    Robert Lyon authored
    Added a tab 'Logins' to site statistics page that contains
    how many total logins for an institution and also how many unique
    users have logged in during a certain time period - defaults to
    previous calendar month
    One can get different results by adjusting the url like so
    if needing to get a different time period
    On upgrade it populates the usr_login_data table with the current
    lastlogin time for non-deleted users
    Currently usr_login_data only records user id and ctime (for login
    time) but one could also add more columns tothe table if needing to
    record something that happens once per successful login.
    Change-Id: If59b207356894eaced7b9977b80d539a28cb7e56
    Signed-off-by: default avatarRobert Lyon <>