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    Bug 1572825: added Voki html filter for embed code · 207889a5
    Cecilia Vela Gurovic authored and Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon committed
    Added new html custom filter to allow
    voki embed code with javascript tags.
    issue with the creation/edition of blocks:
    Voki embed code its a javascript code that loads
    js functions from a remote file and makes a call to a
    AC_Voki_Embed() function
    function AC_Voki_Embed (width, height, chsm, sc,
    transparent, bgcolor, returnFlag, playerType)
    The number of parameter makes the difference between
    old and new voki code. The old one will have only 7,
    the new one will have one more.
    The new embed code will have playerType = 1
    The function uses an XMLHttpRequest to obtain the
    new embed code. When we are loading the page,
    there is no problem. But when we are editing or
    creating the block, the the connection with the object
    gets lost and the embed code is never loaded.
    Solution found: reload the page after editing or adding
    a block with new voki code.
    The old voki code can have
    returnFlag = 1 will return a string with the code
    returnFlag = 0 will load the embed code in the page (by default)
    In this last case, after the function creates the embed code,
    it will call document.write('embed code')
    if we are loading a page with the embed code, we have no problem
    but if we have the page already loaded and we are editing the block
    or creating it, the document.write will replace all the html
    with the embed code.
    Solution found: change parameter of the function so it returns
    the code instead, then manually add it in the correct place
    of the html.
    Change-Id: Ieed00b6c6887715b707b8123082a1312f3db1d9c