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    Fix embedded images in 'Text' block when copy and import. Bug 1425728 · 2b259a85
    Son Nguyen authored
    - Add new method PluginBlocktype::rewrite_blockinstance_extra_config()
    which enables blocktype to rewrite extra configuration when copying
    - Implement rewrite_blockinstance_extra_config() for
    PluginBlocktypeText to rewrite embedded image urls in the text block
    - Rename the method rewrite_artefact_ids() to
    rewrite_blockinstance_config() and add new code to allow blocktype
    plugins rewrite extra config when import
    - Add new method
    - Implement
    PluginBlocktypeText::import_rewrite_blockinstance_extra_config_leap() to
    rewrite embedded image urls in configdata['text']
    Change-Id: Id5163817c676fb118edea02d152b7797111cb99f