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    Bug 1827811: Resume Icons · 953a5eab
    Lisa Seeto authored
    - get attachment comment counts for bh icons
    - display plain text for titles in editing mode
    - change the way the commentlink is targetted via js
    - add blockid's to resume attachments
    - for folder block: add comment count, change titles from
    	links to plain text when editing
    - change notes attachment file titles from links to plain
    	text when editing
    - get rid of the single artefact block title links for html exports
    Add fixes:
    - blocks that have set types but no artefacts attached don't have modal links
    - pdf block is now using block header and comment count is loaded
    - block headers are above titles
    - tagged journals have icons when in full and matches recent posts styling
    - deleting all comments produces correct icon on block header
    - html exports should not hang on opening modal
    - get rid of warning error re: dock.show() when redirecting from &modal=1 style url
    - code review fixes for all previous patches + fix issue with folders block
    - added in viewdetailsfilter.json.php file to save details mode to user account prefs table
    - make the details btn mode "sticky" so it stays the save value over multiple pages etc...
    - Image Gallery blocks: if displaying a folder of images will get the bar block header and
    will have a the fancy box image preview displaying on image click
    Change-Id: I425cc5a634e176d580aacdb60a20f869f7cb7496
    Signed-off-by: default avatarLisa Seeto <lisaseeto@catalyst.net.nz>
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