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    Masquerading auditability - ask for reason, notify, emit event. (Bug #900983) · 40517fde
    Jiri Baum authored
    Masquerading (aka Loginas) is a useful and sometimes indispensable function.
    However, previously it was rather too powerful, because admins can do anything
    as the target user, with no indication that it is not the user themselves doing
    This feature adds some auditability to masquerading, by logging and reporting
    who, when, why and (partially) what, as well as notifying the affected user.
    See also bugs: #900983 and #1027574
    This commit changes the masquerading feature itself to request a reason from
    the admin masquerading, notify the user, and emit an event (for logging by the
    next commit).
    Change-Id: I066e9fdeb4d2e00679b2aa9b0b839cb4b78629a8
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJiri Baum <jiri@catalyst-au.net>