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    Make dropdown navigation keyboard-accessible (Bug #1259397) · 584de240
    Jono Mingard authored
    Changed the dropdown navigation to be navigable using the keyboard (if
    Javascript is enabled).
    - The tab key navigates all menus and submenus in order
    - Links in the main navigation bar can be navigated with the left and right
    - Submenus can be navigated with the up and down arrows and can be closed with
      the Esc key. Pressing left or right opens the previous or next menu
    Note: Dropdown navigation works as before with JS disabled and only requires
    it for keyboard accessibility.
    Change-Id: Ia7aeb33526c71a2fe3ea4c635f4a8aa17c64e21b
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJono Mingard <jonom@catalyst.net.nz>