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    Add blog post directly from a page (bug #792645) · 5f5aa85a
    Son Nguyen authored
    Three blocktypes have been updated
    1. Blog block (entire journal) -> add shortcut "New entry" to this blog
    2. recentposts block (most recent journal entries):
    	if there is only one journal -> add shortcut "New entry"
    	if more than on -> display a dropdown list of blogs to select
    	(these blogs are taken from the block configuration)
    3. taggedposts block (tagged journal entries):
        all journals owned by this user will be displayed in the dropdown
    *Note: Javascript code has been removed from the template.
    *Note: Call initialization js code of all blocks
    Change-Id: Ibdd63dfee39787f74d872a6a31b3286c63dee70a
    Signed-off-by: default avatarSon Nguyen <son.nguyen@catalyst.net.nz>