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    Preserve admin/system user fields when committing LiveUser instance · 725ba929
    Richard Mansfield authored
    The $USER object is saved to the usr table in the db whenever it
    changes, and also periodically when the lastaccess property is updated.
    However, for some fields, it's not appropriate to overwrite the db
    value with the $USER property, because these fields are generally only
    modifiable by an admin (e.g. quota, suspended) or the system (e.g.
    active).  Previously we have tried to deal with this by removing the
    sessions of users whose properties are modified by an admin.  This is
    okay when suspending or deleting a user, because the user should be
    forced to log out anyway.  But for other properties like the user file
    quota, it shouldn't be necessary to force the user to log out because
    the value was modified by an admin.  It makes more sense to specify a
    list of fields (including quota) that should be reloaded into $USER on
    every commit.
    Change-Id: Id0268a29be976a506b09d81aeb6a5b80a26e72fa
    Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Mansfield <>