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    Bug 1811904: Fontawesome - Name changes · 7b952964
    Rebecca Blundell authored
    new default for fontawesome is 'solid',
    where we are using a different class (regular or brand),
    we need to add these.
    also confirming that where the icon name has changed, we've
    picked that up.
    Where there's a choice of icon, I've kept it as close to what we
    currently have as possible.
    All free icons can be seen here:
    Name changes:
    icon-trash-alt      -> icon-trash
    icon-pencil         -> icon-pencil-alt
    icon-unlock-alt     -> icon-unlock
    icon-files-o        -> icon-regular icon-copy
    icon-pencil-square  -> icon-regular icon-edit
    icon-file-text      -> icon-file-alt || icon-regular icon-file-alt
    icon-image          -> icon-regular icon-image
    Change-Id: I34646a6857f6cf54dc39572f5a66c07da4f4c0e2
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