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    ROUGH AS GUTS first commit of portfolio importer · 9dda41d0
    Penny Leach authored
    still to do:
    - cron processing is completely untested
    - i would like to split out the import table based on the transport:
      import_queue.host and token should go into a import_queue_mnet table
    - it's possibly worth thinking about making import a proper plugin type.
      not sure about the effect this has on the import transport
      framework...  it might be possible to have both import and
      import transport plugintypes but that might be too heavy
    - at the very least if we split out import_queue.host and token into an
      mnet table it will pave the way for a better refactor laterz.
    - i would still really like to improve the mnet namespacing but that
      might be plausible at this point.
    - need to write docs about arguments and return types
    - i want to change the content_ready arguments to not include
      $filesmanifest as that is dependent on format being file - it may
      be actually better to dispatch somewhere else based on $format and
      then just have a generic $data which would be $filesmanifest for files
      and then something else for something like LEAP or maharanative or
      whatever, as this is checked in the importer, not not the