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    Bug 1734178: allow user to delete own account · 9837f182
    Cecilia Vela Gurovic authored and Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon committed
    added settings
    - institution level: reviewselfdeletion
        0 if the institution does not require approval
          from an admin to delete an account
        1 if the institution requires an admin to approve
          account deletion requests from users
        if not set, it takes the value from the site's
    - site level: defaultreviewselfdeletion
      (Site options->User Settings -> Review account before self-deletion)
        1 if the site's default is requiring approval
        null otherwise
    Account deletion by a user
    when a user accesses to the account settings, a
    'Delete account' button is displayed.
    This will:
    - If the user belongs to an institution that requires
      approval (or does not have the settings but the site
      requires approval by default)
        then a notification will be sent to the admins
        of the institutions that require approval that
        the user belongs to
    - if the user belongs to institutions and none of them
      require approval (or does not have...
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