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    Bug 1827811: Embedded Media Task · b82df03d
    Lisa Seeto authored
    add the block-header to the block.
    remove the download link from page as it now shows in the modal.
    add artefactid and blockid to image.tpl
    fix issue with data-toggle collapse targeting syntax error.
    update  active block functionality for block headers
    update block-comments-details-header.tpl for icon headers
    fix Journals, and tagged entries and recent posts to use icons for block header.
    change pdf block to use block header icons
    clean up .comments-details class that is no longer needed.
    add modal functionality for image gallery blocks for thumbnails and thumbnails square presentation.
    add modal functionality for some html block, clear up js for icons that is no longer needed.
    add title text to icons and block-header
    create activateModalLinks() func to tidy up js modal click events in view/view.php
    Change-Id: Ib5967d44288557ef4d380eb99241e8442da90f29
    Signed-off-by: default avatarLisa Seeto <lisaseeto@catalyst.net.nz>
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