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    Bug 1811904: Fontawesome - final name changes · c3479dc6
    Rebecca Blundell authored
    icon-clipboard      -> icon-clipboard-check
    icon-eye            -> icon-regular icon-eye
    icon-eye-slash      -> icon-regular icon-eye-slash
    icon-file-archive-o -> icon-regular
    icon-comments-o     -> icon-comments
    icon-external-link  -> icon-external-link-alt
    icon-tachometer     -> icon-tachometer-alt
    icon-rotate-right   -> icon-redo
    icon-file-archive-o -> icon-file-archive
    icon-comments-o     -> icon-comments
    icon-send           -> icon-paper-plane
    icon-lightbulb-o    -> icon-regular icon-lightbulb
    icon-code-fork      -> icon-code-branch  - changed versioning to
    'history' icon
    icon-file-o         -> icon-regular icon-file
    also changed some icons to new ones
    used text-align, width and margin-right to centre list items.
    Change-Id: I4d27e450a281dc49716d97de309a3c99b89a0bc1
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