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    Prevent crashes when embedding images · 3f4b4b7f
    Aaron Wells authored and Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon committed
    Bug 1540667: Prior to commit c4329032, we were loading htdocs/artefact/internal/lib.php
    on *every* page load, via the login auth method's code that checked for missing
    internal artefact files. This call meant that we also loaded artefact/lib.php on
    every page load.
    Removing that for performance reasons, caused some calls to embeddedimages.php to fail,
    when they were on pages that aren't otherwise requiring artefact/lib.php.
    behatnotneeded: Can't use the image embedder from Behat
    Change-Id: Ibcdbd17d289f2b4614c28ad522173286acc9bc27