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    Bug 1468156: Change plugin type of plugin multirecipientnotification to module · dd0e1dab
    Tobias Zeuch authored
    To change the plugin type from artefact to module, the code is moved and the
    superclass reference is changed to PluginModule. Obsolete classes for the
    former unused artefact types are deleted. The references to the old script
    paths are changed. Plugin Tables are renamed and references updated.
    The new plugin mustn't be installed when the old plugin is still active, but on
    upgrade, the database tables are renamed and references in artefact_installed
    and artefact_event_subscription and the triggers are changed.
    Change-Id: Id5f1198b780ffb92181f7d60785aad9ffe2259da
    Signed-off-by: default avatarTobias Zeuch <tobias.zeuch@rwth-aachen.de>