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    Bug #1696627: Behat HTML report · e35e3528
    Rebecca Blundell authored
    - Updated details for behat.yml config to BehatConfigManager and a call
    to update the file
    - Added BehatHooks to get screenshots on fail. Screenshots are saved in the
    Behat maharadata directory at /behat/results/html/screenshots
    - Added auto-open of report
    - Added some explanatory notes on how to run report
    If you set the "html" flag as third parameter of the Behat command, you can
    generate the HTML report. The report will be saved in the Behat
    dataroot under behat/html_results
    If you accidentially set the "html" flag as 2nd parameter it will
    instead show help info
    Change-Id: I76c67a1148278efa049317b526fef760c1a43ded
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