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    Bug 1827811: Journal and resume details buttons overlap · f5ca6b3a
    Evonne authored
    Fixes for journal titles and resume attachments for employment
    overlapped by details button.
    - clean up unneccessary include in export/html/lib.php
    - fix html export for the creation of nested folder modals
     make sure the nested folders and find all nested modals
    - fix elseif typo in block-comments-details-header.tpl
    - add details bar to image gallery when displayed from folders
    - fix notes block empty modal issue due to .tpl typo
    - fix image gallery slideshow error where second gallery block
    always targets the first
    - keep the active block headers showing after pagination update
    Change-Id: Icf8d59ad558d74883e3ee2070f55768697af4254
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