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    Create all profiles with logged-in access by default (bug #807278) · f820ea6c
    Richard Mansfield authored
    There is currently only a site-wide setting for logged-in profile view
    access.  This means that when two institutions share a site, and one
    wants open profiles and another only wants institution-visible profiles,
    new users in the open-profile institution must be asked to manually add
    logged-in access on their profile.  Because we expect many more
    open-profile institutions than closed-profile institutions on a site, it
    makes more sense to put the onus on the closed-profile institutions to
    ensure their members remove logged-in access manually.
    This change ensures logged-in access is added to all new profiles, but
    only locks that access when the loggedinprofileviewaccess setting is on.
    Change-Id: I3375d7b2f8eb635a11879bf7758267f48f74c508
    Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Mansfield <>