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    Bug 1895201 Docker images for Mahara · 87e202ef
    Glenn Walbran authored
    This commit adds docker images for building, testing and running Mahara.
    The images are:
    - mahara-base, has packages that are needed to both run and test Mahara.
      Base of an ubuntu base image.
    - mahara-builder, image to be used for building and testing Mahara. Extends
      mahara-base and adds packages needed for building and testing
    - mahara, image used for running Mahara. Has the Mahara code (that has
      already been built) baked into it.
    Things to note:
    - The configuration in the docker images is driven by environment variables.
      htdocs/config-environment.php is a config file variant that will look for
      config in from the environment variables else fall back to a default value.
      This file is copied to config.php as part of creating the mahara image.
    - The mahara image only has support for http. If https is required (which is
      recommended) then this should be done by adding a reverse proxy whose job
      is to terminate the https.
    Change-Id: I65af1231dc42684e596c6e23...