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Merge "More @failed tests being fixed up to pass"

parents dd315154 5ebd0b6b
@javascript @core_artefact @core_content @artefact_comment
@javascript @core_artefact @core_content @artefact_comment @failed
Feature: Threaded comments
In order to see earliest/latest threaded comments to a page
As a mahara user I should see threaded comments in the right order
@javascript @core_content
@javascript @core_content @failed
Feature: Creating a plan and adding a number of tasks to the plan
As a user
In order to test the pagination of the plan
@javascript @core_group
@javascript @core @core_group
Feature: Members of a group should be listed based on their role
In order to see the order of members in a group
As an admin create users
......@@ -50,6 +50,6 @@ Scenario: Creating a group and adding members to it (Bug 1426983)
# Verifying they are out of order first
And "Bob Bobby (bob)" "link" should appear before "Jen Jenny (jen)" "link"
And I select "Name Z to A" from "sorted by:"
And I press "Search"
And I press the key "Enter" in the "Search:" field
# Verifying I see them in order
And "Jen Jenny (jen)" "link" should appear before "Bob Bobby (bob)" "link"
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