Commit 07523adb authored by Richard Mansfield's avatar Richard Mansfield
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Change names of xmlrpc functions called by mahara assignment plugin for Moodle

Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Mansfield <>
parent 7b9c6b94
......@@ -53,9 +53,15 @@ class Dispatcher {
'auth/mnet/auth.php/keepalive_server' => 'xmlrpc_not_implemented',
'auth/mnet/auth.php/kill_children' => 'kill_children',
'auth/mnet/auth.php/kill_child' => 'xmlrpc_not_implemented',
// Lines added for the mahara assignment type plugin for Moodle; the first three
// are for an old version that require a patched Moodle and will eventually be removed.
// All of these should be pulled in from the artefact plugin.
'mod/assignment/type/mahara/rpclib.php/get_views_for_user' => 'get_views_for_user',
'mod/assignment/type/mahara/rpclib.php/submit_view_for_assessment' => 'submit_view_for_assessment',
'mod/assignment/type/mahara/rpclib.php/release_submitted_view' => 'release_submitted_view',
'mod/mahara/rpclib.php/get_views_for_user' => 'get_views_for_user',
'mod/mahara/rpclib.php/submit_view_for_assessment' => 'submit_view_for_assessment',
'mod/mahara/rpclib.php/release_submitted_view' => 'release_submitted_view',
'portfolio_in' => array(
'portfolio/mahara/lib.php/send_content_intent' => 'send_content_intent',
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