Commit 085674e6 authored by Darryl Hamilton's avatar Darryl Hamilton
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Use correct format char for minutes

This bug was introduced in 5e827024

but seems to affect only Leap2A exports.

Change-Id: I4a27d473d5612222de9b06e3957eb07a7112d702
Signed-off-by: default avatarDarryl Hamilton <>
parent b4e383a0
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ $string['strftimerecent'] = '%%d %%b, %%k:%%M';
$string['strftimerecentfull'] = '%%a, %%d %%b %%Y, %%l:%%M %%p';
$string['strftimetime'] = '%%l:%%M %%p';
$string['strfdaymonthyearshort'] = '%%d/%%m/%%Y';
$string['strftimew3cdatetime'] = '%%Y-%%m-%%dT%%H:%%I:%%S%%z';
$string['strftimew3cdatetime'] = '%%Y-%%m-%%dT%%H:%%M:%%S%%z';
$string['strftimew3cdate'] = '%%Y-%%m-%%d';
$string['thislanguage'] = 'English';
$string['locales'] = 'en_US.utf8,en_GB.utf8,en,english-us,english-uk,english';
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