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Merge "Bug 1591304: Undefined $view in is_themeable()"

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......@@ -5999,7 +5999,7 @@ class View {
function is_themeable() {
$unthemable_types = array('grouphomepage', 'dashboard');
return !$view->get('template') && !in_array($this->type, $unthemable_types);
return !$this->get('template') && !in_array($this->type, $unthemable_types);
@javascript @core @core_view
Feature: Allow user themes on pages
In order to allow a user theme on a page
As an admin
I need to be able to activate Users can choose page themes setting
Scenario: Activate page themes setting and edit a page (Bug 1591304)
Given I log in as "admin" with password "Kupuhipa1"
And I follow "Administration"
# I set the page themes option
And I follow "Configure site"
And I expand the section "User settings"
And I enable the switch "Users can choose page themes"
And I press "Update site options"
# Now edit a page
And I follow "Return to site"
And I follow "Portfolio"
And I press "Create page"
And I press "Save"
And I follow "Text"
And I press "Add"
And I press "Save"
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